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Video - My top 20 Annoying WoWS Game Mechanics

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These are my top 20 Annoying Game Play Mechanics in World of Warships. None of these are game breaking items, however they need to be addressed and documented.



Have any of you notice these items too?

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I stopped watching after a few because the pacing of the video is not very good. Why do I have to watch 5 minutes of the command wheel when you could have mentioned the issue and moved on.

Also, from those items I saw, this is not a top 20 gameplay mechanics video, but a top 20 bugs video. The command wheel thing is a bug, it's not a feature. The Random battle when you choose Co-op is a bug, not a feature. The icon appearing in the top of the map is, once again, a bug, not a feature. Etc. A bug is something that happens but should not. A feature is a design choice made for the game. It is how the developers think the game should be played. For example, them having a set list of task for the campaigns is a feature. It was planned.

If you come across a bug, do report them to WG so they may fix them!

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