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What Would Be The Equivalent Of A Citadel In Ancient Ships Like Carracks And ETC?

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Wherever they stored the powder for the cannons.

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It depends, you're talking a totally different method of warfare.


For ancient ships like your various 'remes (trireme, bireme, quinquereme, etc), the main method was to immobilize, rather than sink. If you were going to sink them, a ram would inflict devastating damage below waterline. One could also attempt to set enemy vessels aflame.


To immobilize, methods such as breaking their oars would be used, but most often the goal was to board and take the enemy ship.



Once you enter the age of cannons, shooting at rigging becomes more important, and I suppose powder storage would be your first 'citadel.'


Keep in mind, for the ships fighting in WoWs, their citadels are made up of magazines, engines, and boilers. Magazines don't become a thing until gunpowder. Engines and boilers are propulsion, and you won't see that until the 19th century.

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Citadels are, technically, the area protected by armour. 

Consequently, all ships prior to the Gloire don't really have a citadel. 

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Early citadel explosion at the Battle of the Nile...



For ten minutes after the explosion there was no firing; sailors from both sides were either too shocked by the blast or desperately extinguishing fires aboard their own ships to continue the fight.[121] 




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