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How historically accurate are the ships in WOWS? - Nurnberg

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Greetings all,


Now, in this game, not every ship can be 100% historically accurate. Some changes are necessary to achieve proper balance at a certain tier. Some ships are more inaccurate than others, and some ships are actually pretty close. In this new series, we will take a specific ship and compare the in-game representative to the real-life ship to see just how well they match up! 


Note: This is not intended to start an uprising to change the ship!! In most cases, the version in-game is balanced and doesn't need to be messed with. This is purely for educational purposes! Get it? Got it? Good!



Our first ship will be Nurnberg, specifically, her C hull. Her A-hull is historically accurate, her B hull is a complete mess, and her C hull is mostly historically accurate.


First, we will look at her AA battery. Nurnberg's hull in-game appears to try to represent the ship in her final form.


Nurnberg C's in-game AA battery..


4x2 88mm

8x1 40mm

6x1 20mm

14x2 20mm

2x4 20mm



If it were 100% historically accurate...


4x2 88mm

2x1 40mm

2x2 37mm

1x1 20mm

10x2 20mm

2x4 20mm



As you can see the 100% historical version loses 4x2 20mm, 5x1 20mm, and 6x1 40mm in exchange for 2x2 37mm AA guns. If Nurnberg's C hull AA battery were 100% historically accurate it would be a massive nerf compared to what we have currently. Not good for game-balance as Nurnberg's ultra-buffed AA on her C hull is really the only thing the C hull has going for it, having lost her catapult and two of her triple torpedo tubes from the B hull.



So what would a 100% AA battery look like??


Like this...





Let's take a tour!


On our Nurnberg, there are two single 20mm guns side-by-side on this platform...






On the historical Nurnberg, there was only one single 20mm gun on this platform...





On our Nurnberg, there are two single 40mm bofors guns side-by-side on the stern...





On the historical Nurnberg these mounts would be slightly offset... and they would be twin 20mm mounts, not single 40s...





On our Nurnberg, there are two twin 20s where the rear torpedo tubes used to be and one single 20 in just above them. (mirrored)





Historically there were no AA guns in these places.





On our Nurnberg, there is a 40mm bofors gun on an overhanging platform and below and to the rear of this gun there are two twin 20s and one single 20.





On the historical Nurnberg, a twin 37mm mount existed in place of the 40mm bofors and the and the 20mm guns in this area didnt exist at all. (mirrored)







Those are the only stat-affecting inaccuracies. However, there is one more purely visual inaccuracy to look at...


By 1945 the fences on structure on which the 40mm bofors rested had been replaced with splinter-shields. Ours still has the fences.






Interestingly enough the Admiral Makarov we have in-game has the correct 1945 splinter shields...





The structure we have (the range-finder is replaced with a 40mm bofors on ours, this is historically accurate)





Historical 1945 structure with splinter shields



I'll use this one again because it shows a good close-up...




Stay tuned for the next ship!

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Very cool. Good read!

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As always, your series provide a very interesting read. Many thanks and +1!

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