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The Most Paper Ship Ranked?

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12 minutes ago, Sirus_Patton said:

Uh, I just realized that DeliciousFart labled Zao as a fantasy ship.  It's technically a fully designed ship, but "Heavy Cruiser Design Study Type A 1941" is a really terrible name for a ship.


Type A Cruiser:
This ship was designed in early 1941 for the Dai-Roku-Ji Kaigun Gunbi Hojū Keikaku (Sixth Naval Armaments Supplement Program), also known as Maru 6 Keikaku (Circle Six Program) but the plan was quickly shelved and replaced with the 1941 wartime construction program in september 1941.
the 1941 Type A cruiser was planned as an eight-ship class, 218 meters long, armed with twelve 8-inch (203mm) guns in triple turrets and twelve 3.9-inch (100mm) guns in twin turrets (the same model that would eventually see service with the Akizuki class destroyers) and a 5.5-inch(140mm) planned armour belt would have been a match even for the Des Moines heavy cruisers (at least in terms of dimensions and firepower).

Source: Shipbucket

The Zao seen in game is fake because the real blueprints for the 1941 Type A cruiser no longer exists. The ship in game is based on a magazine drawing of what they think the ship might have looked like based on the Naval Rearmament Program requirements.



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On 9/15/2017 at 3:16 PM, LittleWhiteMouse said:

Orlan, the tier 1 Soviet cruiser, is a paper design.

As is the German T1 Hermelin.

I looked to see if non-paper could've been used instead, I couldn't find anything for Germany and only the Soviet non-paper option I could find would've been a bit unconventional since it's a river monitor. But hey, it's T1. It doesn't really matter if the ships there are over or underpowered.

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