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Low damage citadel shots

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From my experience and understanding, citadel shots are supposed to always do the same amount of max dmg on a vessel no matter what. Why is it that my volley that hit 2 full pens and a citadel on an Amagi only do ~3.6k dmg and a volley of 2 full pens and a citadel on a bismark only do ~8k dmg? Was this an ingame bug of me receiving the wrong ribbons or did WG just go full broadside on my backside? 

Edit: I was captaining a (mostly) stock Colorado (as if things werent bad enough).

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Additional details.

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Sure it was a Colorado?


And yes you are correct.  A citadel does full damage of your guns to the ship.  Obviously...if the ship only has 5k health and you hit it with a citadel of 16" of Freedom...you're only awarded the 5k damage.

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The only way you're going to get less than max listed damage for a citadel hit is if:

  • The ship has less than your shell's max damage remaining in hitpoints when you hit it, or
  • A ribbon mismatch happens, where a ribbon is awarded for something that did not happen.

I've only seen the ribbon mismatch thing rarely and for normal hits and overpens though, not citadels.

Can you provide a replay?

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H'm citadel should always do full damage, in the CO's case, what is it, 13.5K (or is that the NC/IA/MO/AL/MT)?


Did the damage numbers come off in two parts, the 3.5K for the overpens, and the 13000 separately, and you missed the citadel hit?


Otherwise, probably a ribbon label thing, but as Lert said, that's usually with pens/overpens


Replay would be nice

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