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Gneisenau Build Suggestions

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Hey all! I'm new to the forums, but I had a quick question about a plan that I had for my designated Gneisenau build.

For brief context, I finally got the Gneisenau and I absolutely love it. My main line is German Cruisers (thus my name, huehuehue), so playing the Gneisenau is kinda like the tanky Cruiser I never had. I usually do pretty well in matches, and generally abide by the strategy of pummeling enemy battleships at range, and then when the opportunity presents itself (a cap is poorly defended that we can take, someone is rushing our base) I push in and brawl. I've had so much fun with this playstyle at all tiers. So, I definitely plan on keeping the ship once I'm done with it, and I'm trying to work on Captain skills and ideas now (even though it is a ways off to get to the Bismarck).

Here's what I have so far for my plan:


Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1

Aiming Systems Modification 1

Damage Control System Modification 1

Steering Gears Modification 2

Captain Skills:

Priority Target

Preventative Maintenance

Expert Marksman

Basic Firing Training

Advanced Firing Training

Concealment Expert

Fire Prevention

I really like the sound of this, but my main question for the forum is: should I ditch one of my 4 point skills (CE or FP) in favor of ManSec? For a bit of justification, I'm choosing Aiming Systems over the increased secondary range because I think it has made the Gneisenau dispersion bearable, good even.
I chose CE for the portion of the game where I fire at range, and I chose FP to help with that pesky HE from afar and secondaries in brawls. But would ManSec be a better choice than either of those? 


(Also, if I have any glaring mistakes in my choices, feel free to let me know)

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If you do not use the Secondary Range I would also not mount the Manual Secondaries, as the range will be too short to be more than situational. Right now your Secondaries have a range of 6.7km, which is very very close. If you plan to use the Secondaries more often, install the Secondary Module as well for a 1km range boost. Since that build requires you to be somewhat closer to the enemy, you don't need the reduced Dispersion.

Your build right now could also use some adjustments. For one please drop the Auxillary Armaments Mod 1, it's not worth it. Sure it's nice to have more Survivability for your Secondaries and AA, but with the rather mediocre armor protection of the main guns and the already lacking volume of main calibre Shells per salvo you want your main guns to survive more.

As for your Captain build it may be useful to consider Adrenaline Rush. If you plan to use the Secondaries you Need to be close, if you get close you will get shot at. And once you take damage Adrenaline Rush will be woorth every penny, especially on this ship. Just for comparison, your stock reload is 26 seconds. If you happen to lose half of your health (which happens fast at those ranges) your reload Drops to 23.4 seconds. That sounds appealing doesnt it? If you lose 75% of your health you end with a 22 second reload. This number can go down to almost 21 seconds, for a weapon of that caliber that is insane.

Second Captain skill I would rethink is Basic Firing Training. Right now your Secondaries are situational, it can happen that you barely use them in a match. And even in that short period of time the gain of that skill is not that high. A 10% faster reload is nice, no question, but Adrenaline Rush is already granting you a faster reload, so you could drop this skill for Basics of Survivability. With the current Situation of British Battleships and the tendency to burn a lot, Basics of Survivablity is an even stronger skill to take. Consider the reduced Flooding and Repair as a Bonus.

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Actually Gneisenau Secondaries can be 8km now.


As far as Captain skills I go in this order:

1. Preventive Maintenance

2. Expert Marksman

3. Basic Firing Training

4. Advanced Firing Training

5. Superintendent - in long battles having the extra heal can be a life saver 

Then decided decide what ever skills you want, but Concealment Expert is good idea since Manual Secondaries are not as  necessary because you often are fighting more than 1 enemy and you can still use the Control + mouse click on a target to get AA and Secondaries to do a little more focus with out the manual skills. 


Your equipment choices seem pretty good especially the steering gear Mod since you have to be able to dodge Toros at moments notice.


One thing to watch out for is the aiming systems Mod since I have heard it can actually be more unlucky on Gneisenau for some reason which was mentioned in a youtube vid.


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