I was  thinking this sunday Time TBA POST WHAT TIMES WORK BEST FOR YOU DOWN BELOW PLEASE Chapter one “attack at Guadalcanal” USN task force 2 carriers USS enterprise and a Lexington class carrier(Saratoga) 1 battleship USS North Carolina doing escort duty and shore bombardment and 2 heavy cruisers a New Orleans class cruiser and an Indianapolis. And 4 Mahan class cruisers doing shore bombardment and AA protection. USN OBJECTIVE is to take out the Japanese Air base at Guadalcanal represented by 4 Carriers beached on the island THESE CARRIERS CAN NOT BE TAKEN OUT BY AP OR TORPS ONLY BY HE AND HE BOMBS. IJN group 4 Zuiho class carriers together beached on the island representing the airfield together the USN will have a delay so you can get into position. And 1-2 Ryujo carriers with 2 tier 2-3 DD escorting each Ryujo only. IJN OBJECTIVE don’t let the USN take the air base protect the air strip don’t let it get destroyed.   Chapter Two “first battle of Savo Island” "night battle if we had a night map" USN task force South group HMAS Canberra (perth) USS Chicago (Indianapolis) 2 Mahan class DDs. The north group 3 New Orleans class cruisers Vincennes, Astoria, and Quincy with on Sims class DD and a Mahan class DD. Eastern group of USS San Juan ( Atlanta class) and HMAS Hobart (Perth Or a Leander) and west group 2 Mahan class dds doing scouting perimeter duties. USN objective protect the Island from all Japanese opposition and protect oil coliers from attack (Langleys)(optional). IJN group 1 Chokai (represented by a Mogami class cruiser) 2 Aoba class cruisers (Aoba, Kako) 2 Furutaka class cruisers (Furutaka, Kinugasa) and a Tenryu and Yubari cruisers with one Kamikaze class DD. IJN OBJECTIVE push the USN task force out of the island and kill 4-5 cruisers.   Chapter Three “battle of the eastern Solomon’s” RUN ENTERPRISE RUN IJN TASK FORCE, 2 Shokaku class Carriers (Shokaku, Zuikaku) and 1 Ryujo class carrier  1 Kongo Class Battleship providing AA support only. And a screening AA cover force protecting the carriers consisting a Mogami  ( because we don’t have a Tone)  Chikuma cruiser ( also a Tone class but will be represented by a Mogami ), 2 Kagero DDs (Amatsukaze, Tokitsukaze) and 2 Musuki’s dds and 2 Minekaze providing screening protection from aircraft. IJN OBJECTIVE is to SINK THE ENTERPRISE. USN Task force, 2 carriers USS Enterprise and USS Saratoga (Lexington class carrier) 1 battleship USS North Carolina providing AA screening. 1 Pensacola class cruiser (Salt Lake City) and Northampton class cruiser (Indianapolis) 1 Portland class cruiser (Indianapolis), light cruiser San Juan (Atlanta class) and 5 US destroyers Farragut, Sims or Mahan no more than 3 of one type of Destroyer. USN OBJECTIVE is to SURVIVE AND. Protect Enterprise at all costs and protect Saratoga and Sink 1 IJN carrier and escape to fight another day.   how to get into the training rooms >