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I got asked about my Tag lines.

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A nice chap here on the forums asked me about my tag lines about oh three days back, and ya know.  It may be of interest so I thought I'd share.


Now my tag line is actually two lines.   Lets start with the first part.


"Attack aggressively.  Force the opposition into a fight and position not of their choosing in all ways moving to secure the advantage, and deny them the liberty to attack freely whom they choose.  Sow chaos, plant disorder, nurture confusion, and reap victory"


   This is simply distillation of 40 plus years of table top and computer gaming.   It's got a bit of Sun Tsu, a touch of Five Rings, a hint of Gordy Dickerson, and a nod to every military strategist and tactician that's ever penned a line, with a salute at the end to the commando's prayer.  (look it up, it's enlightening!)  What it says in the simplest form is "Force control if you want to win, and make sure the opposition has as few choices as possible."  There's really quite a bit there.  And if you've played with or against me, it's my essential game plan always.  *grin*


now for part 2..


"Set your course / the thunder of the guns beckon you onward / A hell of shell shot and fire await / Sailors to their duties attend / deep in their wombs of steel."


just a bit of original poetry I wrote in the style is that of the classic "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"  (again go look it up.. serious hard core stuff!) inspired by the writing of  SciFi writer "Bill Baldwin" creator of the Helmsman series.. I strongly urge you to go get the series either in print or via E-Book.   Good old fashioned space opera with lots of star ships in combat, greebly bit's, technical mumbo Jumbo. Passionate affairs with Pricess's, (yes there is SEX OMG!), consorts, and more (the hero is NOT amonk.. close at times, but definatly NOT a monk) a blatant  plagerizationf of the naval history of the 20th Century that's very well presented, and a hero that seriously swash's his buckle.  Bill Baldwin died just a few years ago, and the quality of his writing did fall off toward the end of the series as he aged, but he did manage to more or less complete then entire saga just before he passed away.


  Oh and the Hero of the series meets the princess and get involved with her over a joint love of poetry...  Hey it works, you should meet MY princess!


Anyway, a little entertaining bit... now, don't we have some anniversary stuff we can do today?  Humm.  Lets go find out!


*launches game client*


 To Battle!

Warlord sends













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