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In general this ship is ok on it's balance, small hanger vs the High Tier Planes. But situationally it can be OP as hell and the most broken ship in game. 80% of the time she's in matches with on tier ships and she is fine. But in those matches where She gets thrown in to a Tier 5 match. She BREAKS the game. Tire IX planes vs T5 AA...... it's no contest, planes win EVERY time. I know MM and the 1 up/down for T1-4 is what makes these matches happen more frequently than they should. But plain and simple the Saipan in a T5 match is the worst kind of broken there is. No tier 5 ship has anywhere near the AA needed to repel the planes of the Saipan. And lets be honest CV's generally do not run Air Superiority and even if the friendly CV is AS his fighter's can't compete with the Saipan's.


I've seen too many matches (on both sides) Where a Saipan will end a match with 5-10 kills  in a Tier 5 match.It ruins the game for players (other than the Saipan) on both sides. Loosing side well you can see the issue. But even on the Winning side ending the match with under 20k damage and if your lucky one kill is not my Ideal of a good match. The Saipan need's to be BANNED from Tier 5 matches. It inflates the numbers for the Saipan and is way too overpowered  for Tier 5 ships to deal with.

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Lucky Saipan driver; you OP or whoever...


Even tier? Top tier? Most of the games I ever saw in Saipan were Tier 9 games; same thing in Kaga... To the extent there was no point in using them anymore.

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13 hours ago, RipNuN2 said:

Most good Saipan players could do the same thing in the Hiryu or Kaga tbh.

Haha, Kaga vs T5 AA, it might as well be the hand of god choosing a sacrifice.

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Honestly, tier 9 planes vs tier 5 AA doesn't really matter. It's all RNG.

Basically, what happens when a squadron enters an AA aura is this:

The system checks every few seconds to decide whether a plane gets shot down.

The DPS of the AA that the planes are currently in determines the percentage chance that the plane gets shot down.

The higher the DPS, the higher the chance that the plane gets shot down in a given check.

What this means is that even in super high AA, there's a chance that a plane won't be shot down in a given check.

Conversely, it also means that even in a situation where the planes grossly outmatch the tier of the AA and the DPS output, planes still have a chance of getting shot down immediately.

This is why I can fly in to attack a Konigsberg and lose a torpedo bomber immediately.

And unlike, say, the Kaga, where losing one or two planes doesn't make that much of a difference, losing even a single torpedo bomber can completely screw up a strike against a target, because only six total torpedoes means that the chances of evading those torpedoes is much higher.

So while the Saipan is strong when it's top tier, it is definitely not broken like you say it is, especially with the way current AA mechanics work. And don't forget, Saipan regularly faces tier 8 and 9 AA too.

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