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Public Test Feedback/Survey

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I just wanted to ask about the Public Test Feedback. I had finished the testing last Monday morning about 130 am, or so, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it!. I was wondering if there was a survey or questionnaire that you would want about the Whole Weekend of fun! I could not find anything on the Web Boards, except general statements or complaints.

I was field Promoted from Noob to Middle rating, Intermediate or whatever the terms are, after playing 400+ battles. I have just finished replacing monitor and keyboard after throwing a tantrum after losing an (Other Operation) mission that I was playing for almost 8 hrs(20 min. but felt like all day long!). Having a grand old time, almost made it to the Collection Point to finish the mission, And with only 100 hp left, I get some random out of the blue, HE shell hit me and of course I blew up!!  Needless to say I  had a good time.

So, I wanted to throw my two cents or credits in and Tell you what a FUN time I have spending as much money as I could!  I have never had the luxury to purchase a new ship, Outfit it and upgrade the modules, all at one shot, and not worry about Credits! And spending lots Doubloons because I messed up selecting the Skill sets for new Captains!. What fun that was!

I am still pretty new and getting the hang of how the game works and the understanding the program. I believe that I am LEARNING from my mistakes! Of course I keep repeating them, but fewer and fewer times, so I think that qualify for ranking up.  hehe


Anyway, I LOVE the game and you guys keep up the great work. I have to say that I would defiantly be a Beta tester anytime or whatever you call it in PTesting. 

Thanx for your time.

Reloading tubes,

Michael F

(151_Deadeye )

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