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Hey guys, with the new achievements out, and not seeing a post about it I thought I'd start one until the official spreadsheet post comes along. I have gotten one of the achievements and its the guy with the beard holding his head in his hands. It is called skipper on deck. I got it playing a normal game, nothing special happened and upon reading it. It talks about the commander skill update and how they release elite commander exp and new skills but people complained about Radio location. Even the collection badge talked about the release of the new commander skills. I played the QE, although I doubt that matters but the tier 6 might, with a 10 point captain with one point in each tier and skill type. I think it is given for having either a skill in each column of themed skills or having a 1,2,3, and 4 point skill. I will post more when i get them and feel free to post your own achievements and how you think you got them. Good luck captains!


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