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Finally pushed myself over 50%

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After a unlucky and disastrous start with only 3 wins in my first 12 battles I'm finally gotten a hang of this ship.

It can more than hold its own but you need at least a 14 point captain with the right skills making it oh so very sub-par out of the box.

There is no tanking any 15" gun or above and your only option is staying at range against them but despite its upper 10mm bow section you can bow tank anything below that without eating citadels making it far more resilient than people think.

Despite the almost 17km range I find myself brawling anything from DD's to BB's more than I thought I would.

Been looking for a challenging ship to play since the Ishizuchi has been buffed to the point of being overpowered and I've found my new goal.

Recovering from my stumble out of the gate and getting this ship up to a 60% win rate is gonna be a fun challenge.

Also its so fun to frequently get comments asking what on earth this ship is since no one plays it or knows anything about it.


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