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2 Years and counting, Oh WoWS!

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   Shortly after warships launched I started playing.  I suppose I could go figure out the date but there's no real need to.    I'm strangely normal in this crowd! I don't worry about stats in general.. just little things like my hit percentage..(which I wish I could track over the short term) and I'm working on bringing my frag rate up.   My big failing is I tend to play aggressively.... compared to a lot of players, VERY aggressively..  It's great fun.. And I have sufficient ships now I don't need to sit in harbor looking at the pretty scenery unless i want to! (after getting sunk of course!)


I label my mindset "Striker"  and my builds on my ships reflect that mind set....I'm not very good at defense (why bother, it's just pixels!) so I've focused on a generating as deadly an attack as possible.  Been doing it in Destroyer's lately because it's more of a challenge then doing in in Battleship's or Cruiser's  I like to sabre dance at the edge of my detection range ninjaing my torps in.  When I do it all right it's a sight to behold because I cut a swath.   Yep torp fear.  Gets 'em every time!  Sometimes I can gun and run also.. just depends on the situation. 


  But there is always more to learn here, and more to figure out in world of warships, and anything about it with a label you care to assign.   And they change the way the game plays/works on a regular basis besides.  I've been a war gamer all my life.    I've assisted in table top game development, and software development.  Not a lot, just sufficient to not be utterly clueless about it.  I've also run and owned a business.  These guys at WG... very clever folk.   Is there a road map? Of course there's a road map!   Are you not entertained (Russel Crow shout out!)  *applauds*  I am!  Sometimes there a bit too much drama generated. 'Scuse me but don't you test your limits?  Be entertained!  It'll get over the top.  This is a surprise how?  21st Century, convoluted is the new normal.   Be forgiving.  It's worth doing.   The games is still there though.  And it's always updating/changing it's level of challenge.   Partially by design, and partially because they make it up as they go!  the big effect is it's not going to get stale.  It's not going to stay same old same old.  And if they have to break something to make that happen.. The will..  Greek's, Geek's, Code Monkey's, and Artiste's.   Hey they gotta earn a living!


So happy 2nd anni. ya bums!  And there no need to try and drive us to insanity.  It's close, we can walk! And can use the exercise.  


Warlord Sends



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 I've been a war gamer all my life.

GREAT post +1 and would give you +3 if I could.

I take exception to shade thrown on WG as a former game and scenario designer myself. I have no doubt these designers and developers are history grognards attempting to make this as 'reality-derived" as possible. It's not an 'arcade game"--that also irks me when I hear it. It's not a naval sim but they go the extra yard to make it as 'reality-derived' as is possible. They don't have to painstakingly model all the historical parameters and specifics that they do... but they choose to. Hats off. The passion for this comes first when you are that deep into it, making money if you finally do is fine too. Most don't make much, it's a niche market. Maybe they are at this point, tons of it, maybe not--I hope so in order to see WoWs progress and evolve. Keep staying positive about it--really most people have no clue re the trollish amount of work and playtesting that goes into this.

'Always more to learn here' as you put it. And 'too much drama'? Nah not if it is among self-respecting players with heart about all this (pace WoT and their miserable vibe).


Be forgiving.  It's worth doing.  

Amen, It is. Just feck the stats and play true.


Attack aggressively.  Force the opposition into a fight and position not of their choosing in all ways moving to secure the advantage, and deny them the liberty to attack freely whom they choose.  Sow chaos, plant disorder, nurture confusion, and reap victory.

That sounds like Frederick the Great to me.

Carry on yer doing fine--hey so am I am I at 50% playing all my 80+ ships. ;-)

Oh and check out my crusade to have more pre-dreadnoughts in the game (yes a shameless plug, it's a crusade innit?):


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