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What's the chance we will see the IJN Kii T8 prem BB on sale during end of Sept or beginning of Oct?

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I think there's a good chance. It doesn't have any major imbalances that I have heard about that need to be worked out a la Graf Zeppelin. It's basically just a variation on tried-and-true Amagi. I don't think there is much of a reason for them to hold it longer than normal.

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It is in testing now, and has already had one new change. But it will likely not be too long.

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Very likely. The Kii changes WG announced earlier (which will come to live server with patch tomorrow) were mostly quality of life changes, it seemed WG is satisfied with current status of Kii and won't make any more significant changes. WG also added a new tier 10 premium camo for Kii (to pruchase with 5000 doubloons in game, similar to Prinz Eugen's second camo).

More importantly, Tokyo Game Show is next week, WG will announce something and sell new premium ships on SEA server. NA premium shop will follow very soon.

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