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Lee's Mods

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Lee's Mods

Just showcasing mod I made durng my freetime


Update ARP effects to new one



Update for ARP ships

Credit: Hateshinaku for making the ArtilleryFX which I didnt include in the current version.

- Update ARP fire effect using the new effect on sister ships

- Update smoke of these ships, use the new one, prolong the effect so smoke will looks smoother

- Update firing effect of ARP ships

- Make pushing torpedoes more visible*

- Make effect where shells hits water reduced, clearer vision

- Update effect on ARP planes kill on sky, hit water and its smoke tail, plane destroy uses ARP corosive effect

- AP shell will use ARP corosive effect while HE use the updated hit effect

- IJN torpedoes hit use ARP corosive effect while the other use the new effect

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/muv4j1yopgho07c/mod_update_arp_effect.zip






Demotration is done on ARP Kongo.

Note: IJN torpedoes effect affect RN torpedoes too, and apparently aerial torpedoes doesnt count as IJN torpedoes despite being an IJN CV



Cleaned Container ship



Cleaned Container ship

Credit: EdeIweisse for his Camouflaged Reward Crate Ship. I just remove the rust on the skin and waxing it abit. My editing skill suck.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ptpz76fadbccz91/cleaned-victory+red+oak-container+ship.zip





Fog Crosshairs



Sorry, there's some trollish crosshairs in there



My Reshade preset



My Reshade preset

All screenshots above is done using Reshade

DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yiwjpib2fmmbcl0/reshade_preset.zip

Instruction: (only work with DX11)

- Extract to game folder

- Copy the path of the game on the address bar

- Open dxgi.ini, replace "E:\WoWs_NA" with the path above

- Make sure your game client is running on DX11

- Start the game client, enjoy the new color

Notice: due to calibrating color between screens is pretty tough, you may end up editing it yourself by pressing [Shift+F2] to open the Reshade config window

To take a screenshot, press [Pause/Break]

To stop Reshade from coloring, press [Scroll Lock]



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