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10th Battle in New Zao

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I started up the IJN cruiser line a long time ago.  Got to Aoba and just stopped.  Ugh.  Then I got all of the ARP Myokos and slowly learned how to play an IJN CA.  Decided I wanted a 155 Mogami  - good choice BTW.

Today I unlocked the Zao.  This is my 10th battle:

I think she's working as intended!

BTW some may think my positioning at the start is a mistake.  It was a calculated risk and I almost got deleted for it...

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postioning at start

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Oh thank god! A Zao post that isn't a Conqueror meme!


Zao is a good ship. Slightly outdated, but it hasn't been overly affected by powercreep as much as the lower tier ships in the line. IMO they could buff her HP back to it's original amount, and also improve the rear turret arcs.


Still very powerful, albeit with low DPM. Don't forget to use her AP; it's a good hybrid between Hindy's raw AP damage and Des Memes AP penetration angles.

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