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September 11th 2001

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September 11 2001, I was 17 sitting in the bleacher at Skyview High School, Billings Montana. I watch the towers fall 4 days before the 18th birthday... I like, nearly a third of my graduating class enlisted.  I joined the Naval Reserve... which sounds odd for a kid in Montana. Army or Marines seemed more appropriate. My group was never activated, we were rotated by GWB to relieve those providing care for causalities  inYokosuka Japan.  I may never have been active , but I am proud for what I contributed post 9/11. my Mom a german refugee post WWII, and now I am hear to defend her and our freedoms. which are always in need of defending. 

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Thanks for your service!


My story less exciting; Asleep when a friend called; (second shift at work,) woke up and he said a plane had crashed into WTC North, I said he was full of it; he asked if I was watching the news, and I turned it on just in time to see the plane hit WTC South...


Sixteen years...


Now I know what the old-timers said about Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy Assassination...


Still feels like yesterday...

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Working nights, day-shift guys filtering in before turnover with rumors, wasn't clear until they said two planes....

Driving home, one tower already down. The radio describing the second one falling, I'm yelling with my sailor mouth and beating the steering wheel.

Hearing the casualty estimates as high as 80,000, such an empty sadness in my chest (so glad the number turned out to be so much lower).

I'd never been to NYC, never personally seen the Towers, not aware that anyone I'd ever met had died there. Yet to this day I still feel a deep sense of loss.

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A day which shall live in infamy ...

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