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looking for help on the Iron Duke

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well on my friend's behalf actually, Im looking for advice or written reviews on how to play the Iron Duke, or at lease the optimal max effective range of targets that this BB should be engaging her guns at.


what I do know is that this tier 5 British BB has appalling mobility speed, turret traverse is even more disappointing than the Kongo's, making it very easy to out maneuver and flank.  

but it's AP shells excels at killing enemy cruisers sailing with their sides showing to you and BB's too if you aim for the thinner upper hull armor, HE shells is also worth switching too if the adversary decides to angle especially since the HE penetration is the caliber divided by 4 combine with high fire chance but these shells are not accurate as the NY's.


How I play this girl is that I treat her as a 2nd line brawler so what I mean by this is that I engaged enemies to less than 10km range if they are distracted by one of you teammates, otherwise if an opportunity like that doesn't present itself I play it like a traditional BB and do the general pushing.


any reviews or at least tips and advice would be noted of along with my appreciation~ /^_\\ 

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i just spam HE at everyone unless I have lot of cruisers nearby.     it is possible to devastate a cruiser for 15-20k  with standard HE pens.  you will HE cit omaha/emerald and some of lighter t5 cruisers.     if you have IFHE,  you can HE cit many of cruisers with few exception in its tier range.      I had cleveland showing broadside and killed it  with 18k HE pen volley, (it was down from my initial shot causing fire) .   Mid range  support BB is what this is.    every volley that you connect will start a fire or two.  I've actually started 3 before, but they used DC to put it out.  started another the next volley and another after that.    burned it down.   Very easy to do 10k dmg with HE pen on BBs as well.    who need AP when HE is that strong.   stay at 12-15km and learn to shoot well/aim well.  i don't even have dispersion module (running turret speed mod)     aim bit higher like you would against german BBs.   that helps start fire and get pen dmg. 

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I just made it to the QE last night. I was very frustrated with the guns on the Iron Duke. I kept shooting perfect salvos and the shells would continuously surround the ship I was shooting at. The turrets are murder so I opted for the faster turret upgrade at a loss of reload time. I figured that I was waiting for the turrets longer than the extra load time anyway. I also used the turret Captains skill. This actually helped. For as bad as I thought that I was doing in the Iron Duke. I ended up with not bad stats. It did take me 16 battles to get the xp for the Queen E. I was actually shocked when I looked them up. In my head I thought I was getting all losses. I suppose it was because of my frustration with the guns. If I can do well in it any one can. So run your XP signals and camos and get past it. Good Luck. I liked the guns much better with the fastest turret speed that could get.

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Iron Duke has proven to be a strong ship for me.

-It up-tiers pretty well....it's tough to kill and the HE has no problem doing good dmg to higher tier BBs. The biggest drawback in this respect is the short range on the main guns.

-I use HE about 90% of the time in it. Lots of fires, lots of dmg, module dmg, and it can citadel lightly-armored cruisers. I load AP for short-range broadside CAs but have generally had poor results firing it at BBs.

-If you can get the slow-moving turrets lined up it is an underrated brawler- it's very difficult to citadel, and your HE will outdamage another BBs AP if you are both angled bow-in.



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HE is key...but I wasn't that impressed overall (I would prefer the Texas or Kongo at V) and was happy for the extra port slot and credits once I unlocked the Queen E.


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