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Looking for a good sized casual clan!

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Hey all! 

I've been playing the game for a while on my own and have decided that I should once again join a clan. (especially due to the next update.)

I would like to join a clan that enjoys casual play but is a fairly good size with a lot of active members.


OK so what do you get with me.

I have:








I have the tier 9 

Fredric the Great


So I should be able to get the zao and German Tier X BB soon.


As for the kind of player I am.

I tend to play BB's a lot, but I also like to play CV's (I own every IJN CV.)

And Finally I have been playing since the 4th wave of alpha.


As a result I am the proud order of the Iwaki Alpha and the Arkansas Beta.


Also must have a Discord server. I really don't want to have to use teamspeak as I just find it kinda clunky...

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link under my forum signature for further inquiries about my clan.

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