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Mixed multi AP/HE bomb loads. And Manual CV Guns.

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So a few of the questions that me and a lot of my friends have been talking about. 

#1: How to make RN Carriers Unique.

#2: How to fix the Graf Zepplin.

#3: How to add a 2nd CV Tree?


So a few quick answers and thoughts.


First the Graf Zeppling. Looking at German Dive bombers (Historically) I came up with a very interesting and fun answer to the problem.

Mixed multi-bomb payloads.

So let's say we take a standard (Used historically) bomb load for the JU-87.

1 x SC250 (250kg)

4 x SC50 (50kg)

So why not let this be a bomb load? Maybe even mix the AP/HE bombs. So a 250kg AP bomb. and 4 50kg HE Bombs.

This gives the Dive Bombers 1 bomb that can hit and damage larger ships pretty well.

And a number of smaller bombs that can explode, knock out AA Mounts. Set fires. And if dropping on a DD give a kind of "shot gun" pattern.

The only reason that I can see this not being a great ideal is that MAY be a bit to much math. I mean that WOULD be a lot of bomb drop positions.


This of coarse can be used for some other Carriers also. (Maybe the 1 Italian Premium CV that will make its way into the game)

Maybe the French Premium CV?


As far as a matter of RN Carriers or a 2nd Tree.

(Maybe for a Escort Carrier tree)


As anyone ever thought about the Ideal of some CV's that are allowed to use there "Secondaries" Manually?

I mean its not like a lot of CV's have overpowered Secondary guns. The only ships it would be useful against would be DD's. Or maybe heavily wounded Cruisers.


Maybe this is not a great ideal for the RN Carriers but I feel like short (3-4 ship) Escort CV's might be a good ideal.

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I like your idea a lot, I think the uncreasw in bombs will make the graff a fire bug and will reduce RNG reliance.

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Bomb Drops will always depend on the RNG for how many hit.  GZ in her HE bomb config is one of the better DD hunters is what I am hearing.  It is the AP config that is the issue with what is basically a glide bomb for want of a better term.   A decent playing BB driver will out maneuver in the 6- 9 seconds from the time the bomb is released till it hits gives enough time for ship to shift. If she had torpedoes to get a BB into a predetermined path, to drop boms on that would help GZ.

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