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The orvill

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So far, the show's been pretty lame.  It needs a different angle...

I think if MacFarlane played the straight man while insanity swirled in chaos around him it'd be funny. He would be the half clueless guy as the insanity ensued. Maybe add his talking to the audience directly with some obvious stuff making it clear it's all really just a big joke. He could introduce the bit pieces within the show.

Like this...

Captain to audience: My bridge crew is really taking shape. They've become such a dedicated bunch of professionals...
Carl (the Black guy on the helm): Turns to Lenny (White guy with orange hair) (Whispers) Hey, Lenny, I put Venusian rum in my soda cup. Want a hit?
Lenny: (Whispers) Man, you can't be drinking and driving!
Carl: (W) It's all good dude. I drive better when I'm buzzed!

The ship sideswipes something...

Captain: What the hell? Did you just hit that (whatever it was)?
Lenny: No sir, they hit us.
Carl: /Snickers/

Captain: Fifty billion cubic miles of space and you let the only thing other than us sideswipe the ship? Do you know what the admiral is going to do to me?

Carl: (W) Bend you over for cheap sex? /snicker/
Lenny: (W) Man you are so wasted...

That's the sort of Seth MacFarlane gutter humor you'd expect from a show by him.


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The beginning of the Krill episode wasn't bad, the middle sucked massively mainly to very pure awkward dialog, the climax and conclusion though were done fairly well. The plots themselves are pretty good and the character interaction is pretty good. Its just some of these jokes go on to long, yea I get it your on a alien ship and your not sure what to do but come on you don't have to run the same joke continually

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