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Looking for a team

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Hello fellow captains I'll be looking for a team for Supremacy if there are any looking for members.  I played with TSF-22 last season, primarily as our dedicated Chappy captain, but I do have other ships available.  We finished second in bronze last season, but due to lack of interest it doesn't appear that we will be playing this season.
Ships I have:
Battleships: North Carolina - 19 pt cap, Tirpitz - 19 pt cap  I can repurchase the Amagi or Bismarck if needed, 17pt Japanese captain available for the Amagi, and the same 19 pt for the Bismarck as the Tirpitz.
Cruisers: Chapayev & Kutuzov 17 almost 18 pt cap, Atago & Takao 17 pt cap, New Orleans 14 pt cap, Hipper & Prinz Eugen 14 pt
Destroyer: Benson 15 pt cap
I'm normally more of a battleships and cruiser player, though I do occasionally play destroyers as well.

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I would love to offer you a chance to be in supremacy league but our clan is not yet to that point to be able to complete in it. But with people like you inourclan I'm sure we will be able to join it next season. Also since you were in it last season you could help us to prep for it next season as we do have people that are interested in it but unsure how it works. 

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