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Rock, Paper, Scissor Balancing

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Can someone tell me the origin of this as in relation to how this game is balanced.  Because I'm trying to wrap my head around it and no matter how I look at it, it doesn't make any sense how people think this game has EVER been in a clear cut way of:


Destroyers counter Battleships, but are countered by Cruisers.

Cruisers counter Destroyers, but are countered by Battleships.

Battleships counter Cruisers, but are countered by Destroyers.


The only way I see this existing is talking about Tier 6 and below but even then there are exceptions.  Here's a list of my complaints about people who say it has been in this game.


1. Where do CV's fit in?  I mean this isn't Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?  They've been in this game forever and yet whenever Rock Paper Scissors is mentioned, they leave out an entire ship type.


2. Stealth firing Japanese Cruisers.  So battleships are supposed to counter cruisers, right?  How can they counter something they can't see.  This was taken away recently, much to the chagrin of DD players, but if this has always been in the game, its another glaring exception to the supposed norm.


3. Mikhail Kutuzov.  The first line added to the game was VMF cruisers.  You could argue that they fit the Rock, Paper, Scissors mold.  High RoF guns that have low arcs with the exception being the Moskva.  A ship with the same HP as a North Carolina and is really long.  The other elephant in the room is the Mikhail Kutuzov.  Whats the destroyer hunting purpose of 19.1km range and smoke consumable?  


4. German Cruisers.  Once again, according to  Rock Paper Scissors, cruisers counter Destroyers.  So, German cruisers get better armor than their counter parts, worse HE (recently changed) and better AP.  Looks to me like these counter other cruisers.  


I used these 4 examples from early in the games life to show if it existed at some point in this game, where? Closed Beta?  Real life?  Wargaming interview? 

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