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free xp the monarch

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finishing up the monarch grind, and imo probably the worst ship in the whole line. do your self and your stats a favor and free xp the ship if you can.


It's basically a worse version of the KGV but moved up a tier... the only improvement is the slightly bigger 381m guns, but the HE fire chance is almost 10% lower, and AP is still mediocre. The stock range is atrocious, and to be useful in half the t10 matches you have to spam your spotter plane. stock hull is such a meme , and even when you upgrade you still only have a measly 60k hp. It's almost impossible to carry games because its so hard to dev strike cruisers, you cant out duel BBs cuz the ap performance is so lackluster against angled targets, and you have to show so much broadside to shoot your back turret.


waste of time, now I have to grind back my lost WR and WTR  

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18 minutes ago, TwoOfFour said:

Did this require three threads to say this?

Your avatar is relevant.:cap_tea:



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