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Aircraft Carriers Mission II and III. Poor mans guide. T4 Hosho in Co-op.

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Not even close to anything good in CVs, but I figured I would give a rundown on how I completed both of these missions.

Of course you might have a higher tier CV and can prolly complete them much faster than I did. For the rest of the po folks, you might find this helpful.

T4 Hosho

Yokosuka B4Y upgrade

Commander Skills:

Aircraft Service Expert

Dogfighting Expert

Torpedo Acceleration

Carriers II

I started each battle by sending my Fighter Squad to the center of the map, and my two Torp Bombers to the same location. An enemy Torp Bomber usually comes out first, followed by the second while being escorted by the Fighter Squad.

I sent my fighter to the first enemy Torp Bomber for a few pot shots until the enemy Fighter got closer to me, then switched to it. I had no problems taking those out with my Fighters locked on and no enemy AA was around it. While they are locked in battle, send your Torp Bombers to whatever you feel you can hit. You can send in one squad and if you get flooding, you can always hold back your second set for 20 secs and hit him again. This will cause the flooding to stick. If you don't just attack with them anyways.

When your Fighter Squad is done with the enemy squad, send your Fighter Squad up to where the enemy CV is located. Try not to pass over any enemy ships while doing so. His planes will always go back to where he is, so it shouldn't be hard to find him. Park your Fighter squad away from the CV so you don't get hit with AA and simply attack the planes that are launched and move away from the CV, but the Fighters are your primary target. Two sets are y'all have, and when his are gone, you own the skies.

With the setup that I've listed, I could take out most of the enemy planes without the need to reload, but you might have a Torp Squad or half left before you'll need to re-arm them.

Rinse repeat...

It took me nine Co-op games to reach the required damage.


Carrier III

This wasn't very hard at all. By doing what I said above, you'll get the required 20 without too much of an issue. The only thing that could mess this up is if someone shoots down four planes before you get to them.

If you have another carrier with more Fighter Squads, it will of course be easier to complete.


You should try to move up a little with your team. I always sailed towards an island to hang out, but ONLY if you have human players on your team. If you have nothing but bots, DON'T move up. When this happened to me, I was the only one left with a few enemy ships left . If you're too close to the front, they're gonna get ya pretty quickly. Stay back and give yourself some room to run while you're sending out your Torp Bombers.


Hope some of this helps you.

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If you have a 10 point captain to spare, I would add the Level 4 skill 'Air Supremacy.' The extra fighter and staying away from enemy AA makes it that much easier to roll the bots.

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17 minutes ago, TugboatCommander said:

Thanks for posting this, I suppose the Langley wouldn't be much different, just take a bit longer.

Yeah, I think so. 


The change would be exchanging 1 Torp Squad for the Bomber Squad. RNG would be the issue, and the loss of raw dmg from the Torps. I figure that's what you meant by taking longer.


I made it a point to not upgrade the fighters because it gives a lower amount to the loadout. I assume that's the ammunition. I didn't need the extra speed/hp as much ammunition.


TBH, I don't think I ever lost a plane.


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