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Bug(s) - PTS 0.6.11 - Report

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Hello Dev's


I have tried submitting a ticket through the support page and I was told to come to the forums to enter my information. So here it is...I have attached a screenshot and a video of both a hard crash error  that kicked me out of the game and graphical video of something else - it was when I was getting a container in game and as you can see the imaging is all screwy.


I am not looking for suggestions on how to fix the problem, but rather I am lending aid in your quest for a better overall game experience. I hope that these files help you in some way...let me know if it does, and I will continue to post my errors and videos as the errors happen.


To let you know, I am not running any mods on the Public Test, and the installation is less then 72 hours hold when I installed it.




World of Warships 9_7_2017 4_20_22 PM.mp4

Critical Error Occurred 9_7_2017 3_49_52 PM.png

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When one battle ended last night, I went through the results screens, and exited to port...nothing loaded except the background. Only experienced this the one time.  I exited the game by clicking on the red X in the upper right corner of the screen, and launched a new session.  Hasn't happened again.

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