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PT Server - Minotaur rear turret rotation question

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Since playing the Minotaur on the PT server I have notice something weird with the rear turret rotations. If the guns are off the port bow, when rotating to starboard. the rear turrets rotate 180 to 270 degrees to port instead of the 60 to 90 degrees to starboard. It takes like an extra 3 to 4 seconds before the rear turrets are starboard to the new aim point. Why are the turrets reacting like a regular rear turrets on a battleship where the superstructure is blocking the gun barrels. It is not in this case with the Minotaur. The rear gun turrets have no obstruction. Is this a bug, designed this way, or an overlooked programming configuration?

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Most turrets like that aren't designed to turn 360 degrees. Very few actual turrets of that nature can, pretty much just limited to the Nurnberg and Konigsberg (and in reality, it wasn't so straightforward). Atago, Myoko, Nelson, Izumo, they all have turrets that superfire over a turret fore and aft, but that superfiring turret does not turn 360 degrees.

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There are so many pipes, hydraulics, loading mechanisms etc that the turret can't rotate 360.

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