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How do "Teamplay" rewards work?

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After failing miserably at the "Aggressive" Fletcher Routine, I fell back on my two games in it with her to concentrate more on "helping the team". The first one was an epic Battle in which my team was doomed from the start but a few managed to somehow hold back the rest (in which I managed to get 2 ships in one salvo of Torpedoes and a whole lot more) for quite some time till we were pretty much drawn. I'd send the replay, but my Preferences.xml file got corrupted and I forgot to activate the pref for replays. But it's the second battle I have some confusion on.

This is the results page, and in this, you can see I did a miserable amount of damage but I completely capped both the bases our team ever really had in the game (and a little more for the last, but the time ran out before I could cap). 

Here is the Results page. Note that I was on the 50% daily bonus for a win... 1.2k? That's funny. I usually get a LOT more XP for capping bases and having them remain capped to gain points. 

Here is the results analysis page. Note the 112k spotting damage and the 108 capture points. 


Here's the thing, I definitely remember getting much better results and seeing the same solely due to capping capture points. Am I mistaken/delusional/dreaming/hit by an alien potato that makes me gain false memories/trying to sooth my slightly pinched, extremely inflated ego? And well, I remember quotes saying that spotting damage is well rewarded. (Sort of.) 1.2k xp just doesn't... feel right. 

So could someone explain it to me? Does capping points also depend on your tier in comparison to other ships? (I was top tier in that game) Am I (see the above) to assume that capping points gained in the past a LOT more XP? And the same for spotting? 

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Not sure about spotting damage rewards but I've been told that you get additional bonus for fighting ships of a higher tier as well as bonus for fighting in the cap as opposed to outside the cap.  Maybe that was part of the reason...

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