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Is This Good Gameplay?

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First off, this isn't me trying to brag(its not an impressive game) or ask for advice.  This is more about the way the two teams played the game.




You might have to look at the minimap a lot because this replay is from the Aslain's mod replay stuff from forever ago that I never uninstalled and I don't know how to get to free cam or if you even can get to free cam.

Click the link, watch the game before commenting as the post battle results don't really tell the full story.  


Several things, did our team play the game right?  I mean we won, but if you watch the replay, how many ships were undamaged?  How many friendly ships actually contributed the entire game?  I mean was it really our team that won, or a few players that carried to the win?

Then on the enemy team, what happened?  Like the Mino TKing probably didn't help, but that's not necessarily the reason they lost.


I think what I'm really trying to get is would you be satisfied with this game.  Maybe not this exact game, but if you played a game similar to this, would you be satisfied?  Other things equal, if a few of our ships got more involved, would that have made this game "better"?  

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