Hi guys!   So with this post I hit 4,000 posts (Yay!). Now I am just gonna use that as an excuse to post more photos in no particular order or theme.  Pics come from: http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/  and Google image search. Let's get this show on the seas!         Random French boat! Duguay-Trouin at port in true color. It appears that one of her sisters may be at port a little ahead of her. The pic shows off the stern guns and superstructure, and the nameplate on the stern of the ship.   Giulio Cesare was revealed a few days ago, so here are some pics of her! Here she is in 1917 at Taranto in her original config.   Cesare in heavy seas in original config.   Giulio Cesare and her sister Conte di Cavour in line behind a destroyer, 1938. I still have been unable to say if Cavour, or Cesare is in the foreground. Even with the knowledge of the words on their rangefinders.   A really good port beam picture of a Conte di Cavour class. The rangefinder has no inscription, and I cannot read the name on the stern. So, just enjoy the pic.   US battleships in line to bombard the iron works of Kamaishi Japan, on July 14, 1945. The picture is taken from USS South Dakota (BB-57), in line behind her is USS Indiana (BB-58), USS Massachusetts (BB-59), and cruisers USS Chicago (CA-136), and USS Quincy (CA-71).   Kure Naval Base erupts in AA fire as US carrier aircraft strike the ships and installations in the harbor, March 18, 1945. The photograph was taken from a plane from USS Hornet (CV-12).   Unryū-class class carriers, Katsuragi (background) and Amagi (Foreground), after being attacked by US carrier aircraft in Mitsugo Japan, July 28, 1945. (NOTE: this is a historical photograph, the words in it are not expressed by myself.)   Postwar, Amagi was never repaired and half capsized.   The heavy cruiser Tone under attack near Kure on July 24, 1945. She has just taken a near miss off her port side; other bomb splashes can be seen around her. Photo from an aircraft aboard USS Shangri-La (CV-38).   The light cruiser Ōyodo under air attack near Kure, July 28, 1945. Oil can be seen leaking out of her hull as she is burning with multiple shrapnel splashes.   Battleship carrier Hyūga under air attack at Kure, July 24, 1945. Several bomb splashes can be seen around her as she burns. Photo from an aircraft aboard USS Lexington (CV-16).   Carrier Ibuki sits unfinished at Sasebo Japan, on October 19, 1945. She was originally the heavy cruiser Ibuki, first in her class (The T9 in game), but was converted to an aircraft carrier to stem the losses from late war.   Tokyo Bay, 1945. Dozens of US ships sit at anchor in the shadow of Mt. Fuji as the sun sets.   USS Missouri at anchor in Sagami Bay, Japan, August 30, 1945. Mt. Fuji can be seen in front of her bow, as well as the anchor chains. A Baltimore, or Cleveland class cruiser can be seen to the left and just under Fuji another large ship, perhaps a battleship, can also be seen.   Lastly a picture of the only IJN capital ship left afloat, Nagato. She is seen at anchor in 1946 with, ironically, a US flag waving in the foreground. She is battered and bruised from all the air attacks she suffered, but she remained afloat. She is now one of the top diving spots in the whole island chain where she sunk after the second atomic test at Bikini Atoll.           And that is all folks I hope you enjoy! Here's to many more posts as the road goes on, as I ain't going anywhere!  As always: Fair winds and following seas captains!