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UK battleships what do you think of them

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I've only played Orion and KGV. Orion's a good ship, I tried her out because I didn't have a tier 4 BB and I'm not displeased, she's a keeper. KGV is a excellent ship when you get the hang of how to play her. Another keeper.  :Smile_great:

I don't think that the Limey BBs are overpowered, they just start more fires than any other BB except Dunkerque.

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10 hours ago, Chaos_EN2 said:

Well I like the HE, but I think if they lowered by about - 2% across the line it would be a bit more balanced. So the Orion would be 38% instead of 40% and the Lion would be 47%.


I had someone mention this to me about HE as a whole since HE is filled with a ton of explosive they tend to be lighter which is why we see them have better velocities. but he also told me in some ships this could also effect dispersion of shells because of the Weight and the way the HE shell is Made. but hyper accurate HE isn't as the import since they are normally used to Shell land units and fortifications ect. so what if they just make the HE dispersion on the UK bbs or other ships more disperse so they would get fewer hits but would still do damage and get fires ect. unless they game already does that.. but i haven't seen anything like that as far as i know of.  

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