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WoWs and "The Weather Gage"

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A term from the age of sail has made it back into my lexicon. Due to how this particular pixelated universe works, turning broadside is usually a bad thing when under fire. Especially if under fire from more than one enemy. Once turned away, one is almost surely committed. Another turn after surviving the first is usually a non-starter without smoke or terrain assistance.

All other things being equal, if a ship has an enemy under fire, and the targeted ship turns away, then the first could be said to have the second "by the hip". The attacking ship now has tactical advantage and can determine the engagement terms until terrain or support intervenes. How many of us have been chased halfway across a map by a persistent attacker, because turning back into him would be suicide? :) 

While I am aware that the current meta dictates turning away upon contact in many situations(if the rest of the team turns, one must go as well or die), I still do not believe that it is always the best option. This is where terms like ascendance, momentum, and initiative come to bear. Now I am NOT suggesting going in against poor odds, and placing the group in a untenable position. It does seem that there is less situational awareness out there than there could be though. I have witnessed countless battles where a team had a clear tactical opportunity, and tossed it for a standard reaction. My personal failing in this area is assuming that the rest see it and will follow once I commit. Been part of numerous groups that scattered like roaches just AFTER I swing a BB into a committed angle-in. There's usually no pretty way out of that circumstance. :)

So, aside from the usual need for at least minimal team communication; I thought it would be good to start a conversation about how we all form our decisions in this area. How do you set up your screens? What do you use as triggers for turning either away or in? How much do you depend on the common sense of your pick-up team mates? In short, what makes you navigate your ship the way that you do? My stats suck out loud, so please do not think that I am attempting to lecture on how to do things. :) I am curious.

On-screen information - While I run clean(no mods), I do make use of all the info that is available. The ships of each team run down each side, allowing me quick-glance intel. The mini-map is one step down from maximum size. This places the top of the map just below my reticle horizon. Transparency is very high to avoid blockage. To any who may not have done so, try hitting the PLUS key(+) a few times and pay attention. :)   One can predict the future after a while playing this game, just by watching it all unfold on the mini-map. It is where I make my decisions. A BB must choose a course wisely. A DD must be able to see and sprint to help quickly. A CV needs to KNOW where the red DDs are or were(last pos function).

Terrain use - Attempting to predict where both my ship and the enemy will be when I reach terrain helps me decide on whether to turn in or away. Out-numbered does not mean out-classed. Smoke and terrain can help take the battle to the enemy, rather than reacting to what they choose to do to you. It is my opinion that it is better to come out-at speed than poke two turrets out. Especially in numbers. Intimidation works sometimes, and is worth a shot. Many captains have a favorite rock for many maps, and they can be found there like a barfly on his favorite stool. Hideous but understandable waste of team resources for large portions of the battle imho.

Using the tank - If a tanker/brawler ship of your tier group(Bayern. etc.) engages, do you follow, or continue with your plan? A large ship in the lead usually attracts the most incoming fire, giving many following team ships free reign. Lost more than a few, and seen many more go down, while the team sits behind rocks waiting for the tethered goat to die before coming out to die themselves. :) An engaged brawler is committed. Turning away is death without terrain or smoke. Better to go down swinging and take all the fire one can. Losing the brawler, while sinking three enemy ships is a win in my book. The mission comes first.

Knowing thy enemy - Numbers count, but so do tiers and ship types. Having more red markers pop on the mini-map does not require an immediate drastic rudder order. If the group I am in has better ships and a way in to cover, I engage. This gets me smacked a lot. :) Again, assumption without communication. Maybe take a glance at the ships in your local group, and see what they can do to what is in front of you, then make a call.

Well, I thought that I would just throw this on the floor and see if the cat licks it up. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for your attention.


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I think you are waaayy over thinking this GAME.  The whole issue of battle formations 'crossing the T' has been beat to death.  It was a tactic used for ships sailing in FORMATION, and in direct communication with one another.  That obviously can not be accomplished in this GAME.


Even in modern combat, using modern communication equipment, and squads that train together, things can go haywire in a hurry.  How much more so in a GAME with 12 random players, none in direct communication with each other?


The players in this game range from teens through senior citizens, with just as diversified understanding of game mechanics.  Getting too deep in the weeds of gameplay is just a recipe for frustration.  The good players still find a way to win the vast majority of their games.

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Trying to win is very hard on weekends and week nights.  That is the rule for me.  Also, I look at the mini-map to see what the enemy maybe doing.  By doing this, I see where they are going and warn my team.  Often, I stay undetected and wait for them to take a edge cap.  Once they have it they head to the other side.  I can then move in behind them and cap it.  If there were 3 or 4 ships with me, the odds of winning are better.  When team mates see what I am doing some will head my way.  By spreading out we have a better chance of winning.  Not getting decisively engaged is the art of staying alive.  Dying is not a winning move either.

I hear what you are saying and get it too.  This game is frustrating if we let it get to us.  I do not worry about WR as it is the same as who's is bigger.  What matters is if you supported the team.  Continuing to run headlong into multiple ships is helping them win.  Keep trying and keep play to blow steam off.

See you out there!


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