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Lion Fire Chance

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I free exp'd to the Lion when the line released, and have been playing it a few times (30+). It seems like the fire chance on it might be bugged, as it seems to light less fires than expected.


Hear me out here.


A buddy of mine got the Conqueror at the same time I got the Lion and we've been playing together for most of our battles. Although the Conq has three extra guns, the accuracy and fire chance remain the same as the Lion.


On salvos fired straight forward (ie, only six guns firing), he gets significantly more fire than I do. Had a match where I had 4 fires out of 50 HE shells fired, and he had 15 fires out of 65 HE shells fired. This pattern has repeated in some form or another for multiple games. I'm willing to accept that I might not have the best aim, but this seems... off... to say the least.


Now I know how we all love statistical evidence, so far the rest of this week (excluding the corgi shenanigans over this weekend) I will be assembling a table of fires/shells hit for both the Lion and Conqueror (to account for the extra three guns on the Conq). I might just be very unlucky, but it definitely seems like it should be lighting far more fires than it is.

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