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Unable to Sell Bellerophon

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Greetings captains, I decided to try out the British BB line after the new update ( I didn't really pay attention to those activities that enable you to earn battleship blueprints but after updating, I noticed I already had Bellerophon in my port.


I figured this was because I might have completed the requirements for its blueprints unknowingly and earned the ship. So I went straight ahead and used it, got enough XP to but the next ship, Orion. I have that now but when I tried selling Bellerophon, I kept getting and error saying "transaction error". 


I'm able to sell other ships though, I recently sold Nassau and it worked. I made sure that my modules were on "sell" not "dismount" since those would need doubloons. Any suggestions on what I should do?

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It's a known bug.  It'll be fixed soon.

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