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Upgrade vs fire question

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Since we're talking about Battleships, and fire elsewhere...


How does the -5% to risk of fire on the Damage Modification I upgrade actually mean vs HE shell X with fire chance Y?  Flat -5%, or...?

i.e. Stock Bellerophon shows 32% fire chance on HE shells.  What's the effect on that from the upgrade when hit by shells from Bellerophon? 27%?  Will Fire Prevention (Captain skill) stack with it, for a total of 15%.  So would that reduce the fire chance from Bellerophon to 17%...


Or does it reduce the 32% by 15% of 32, i.e. 32x.15 = 4.8, so the fire chance would be 32-4.8 = 27.2%?  Just making sure how this all maths out.  


Thanks for any info.

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it works like this 

you take that 32% fire chance 

then you have the damage mod 1 upgrade that takes -5% of that  or 1.6%

which then leaves you with a 30.4% that that shell will catch you on fire.....


there I think is also some % difference when it comes to tiers such as lower fire chance when your in a tier 10 getting shot by a tier 8 or something like that I am not sure how the tier difference fire chance works

so anyways yea the -% fire chance skills and upgrades etc are not as good as most people think

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