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AA clarification

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Hello all.

       I was hoping to fond some clarification on how AA is calculated.  Yes I have been to the wiki.  Yes I understand about the auras.  My questions pertain to how the DPS for those auras are calculated and manual AA.  I'm going to use my NC as my example.  For the close range you get 44, single mount, 20mm oerlikons.  The DPS, in game, given is 174 (atleast on mine it is).  Does this mean that all 44 guns equal up to a DPS of 174 or that each gun has a DPS of 174?  I'm assuming the latter.  On that note, since not all guns are on the same side of the ship does that mean that only the guns able to see the approaching squadron/s are able to actually fire or is it simpler then that and the ship is ignored (like land) and all guns contribute regardless?

Also, how are multi-mount guns handled?  Is it the DPS per gun or per mount?  It's a legit question considering the caliber of the gun usually goes up as well, which you would expect a DPS increase with the caliber increase.  This doesn't always seem to be the case.

Question 3!  Since each aura rolls separately and I read somewhere that if you focus fire, making all auras focus on one squadron, that when a plane is killed it resets all of the auras.  Does this mean that focus firing when there are multiple squadrons is actually more detrimental to plane kills then not doing so?  Yes I understand that multiple auras increase the chance of rolling against that individual plane but instead of rolling 2 dice against one plane, you could be rolling 2 dice against 2 planes (as an example) and since there is a time between rolls it makes more sense to roll against multiple planes.  This time between rolls coupled with an increase chance to kill over time also gives another advantage to japanese CV's since there planes are much faster.  Their planes being faster means that they don't stay in the aura for as long and in doing so incur less rolls against them. 

Thanks in advance! :)

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44dps for the short range guns out of 174dps in total. Although that is weak for the NC, is yours stock?

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In the range given, that amount of DPS is applied to plane hp by the guns.


I'm going to add a question, my understanding is that the DPS number does not include the longer range stuff, which also applies at closer range. Thus for the 20mm DPS, the 40mm and 5in DPS is not included, so the true close in DPS would be the sum of those three numbers. Is that correct, or is the given number of an AA range the total DPS applied by ALL calibers?

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