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Pics of the Royal Navy Battleships

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Hi guys! 


So in honor of the Royal Navy battleships finally arriving, I am putting together the two previous picture posts, and a few more into one large post.

Pics as usual found from: http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/ and google image search.

Let's get the show on the seas!





First up, is the original post with most of my pictures: 


Next is a short one with two others of HMS Dreadnought and HMS Nelson:



Now to new pics!



Starting off, we have HMS Superb of the Bellerophon-class battleships, leaving the Tyne in 1909. This is a fantastic port beam shot of her showing off her superstructure and profile. A workers house or something can be seen floating alongside her stern.



Next up is HMS Monarch....what? No not that one! This is the sister to HMS Orion of the Orion-class battleships. She is seen here at anchor with canvas up over her mid and aft deck. She is quite streamlined for the time and offers a great view of her starboard beam.



HMS Thunderer, Orion-class. Also seen at anchor, but from a more bow on view, proudly flying the Union Jack on her jackstaff.



HMS Queen Elizabeth, first of her class, now fully reconstructed and sporting her new superstructure (her old superstructure and comparison to Warspite can be seen in the first post linked). An excellent starboard beam shot of her with the sailors manning the rails.



The final QE sister, HMS Valiant. She had the same superstructure redesign as QE, differing from Warspite. She is seen moored to a buoy and running her boilers.



The venerable HMS Prince of Wales, anchored in friendly waters. She has been worked hard over the months of the war and it shows. All you complainers of rust look at that! :Smile-_tongue: She would not live long however, sinking on her way to reinforce Australia and Singapore as part of Force Z with HMS Repulse; both were sunk by Japanese aircraft.



The fourth sister of the KGV-class, HMS Anson giving a great starboard bow shot. Never heard of her? Don't blame ya, her and her last sister were not as well known as their older sisters.



Speaking of...HMS Howe, the last of the KGV-class of fast battleships. Seen underway at low speed, she offers a good port beam shot of her guns, superstructure, and overall design.





That's all for now folks I hope you enjoyed! The Royal Navy is here! Go out and enjoy them! 

As always: Fair winds and following seas captains! :Smile_honoring:

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