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Heavy Cruiser Kunimi

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So this is my custom design based of the Zao class. Its basically a mash up of several ships, with influences from the Aoba and Furutaka class, with parts of Mogami in there as well. The two major changes in the design are: Length and bridge structure. Small changes include: a shorter funnel, x2 more secondary turrets, walkway along the turrets missing.  



Kinda wish it wasn't so blurry



Zao (Based of WGs Zao)  


Her stats if you care about them.


General Characteristics

Type: Heavy Cruiser

Displacement:  13,240 t (Standard) 16,480 t (Full)

Length: 210m (Kunimi) 225~ (Senjo and Zao)

Draft: 6.5m

Beam: 20.2m

Installed Power: 170,000 shp 8x Improved Kampon boilers

Propulsion: 4x shafts, 4x geared turbines sets

Speed: 36 knots

Range: 8,000 nmi at 15 knots

Complacent: 900


21 cm 1st year type Non. 1 guns 4x2

100 mm /65 cal type 98 DP guns 4x2

25 mm/60 Type 96 20x1 

25 mm/60 Type 96 11x3 

40 mm Bofors "Chi' Type 98 

Armor: 203 Main belt 


Apart from the armament (excluding the 21 cm guns) most of these stats are a result of estimation. I used the stats from Ibuki and Mogami to as references when coming up with them. 

Anyways, I'm working on her history currently and a possible Kancolle style character for her. So what do you guys think? If you guys have any questions about her I will do my best to answer them~ 

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The two looks so alike! They are almost like sister ships. Reminds me of Admiral Hipper (without the Atlantic bow and a bulky aircraft hanger) and Prinz Eugen (with that sexy curved bow and adjusted hanger).

Although, having 210mm caliber guns one IJN cruisers was a first. 203mm main belt? That's very well protected indeed! What about the torpedo armaments? Are they the same as the Zao? 


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