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Japanese Bomber Tactics (Navy) World War 2

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Pretty good but goes totally off about IJN superiority of CV tactics. You have to be careful,about how Parshall and Tully present the IJN tactics and the IJN itself. They are admitted "fans" of the IJN , but if you talk to them directly they know the realities.


Facts are the IJN "won" one time. Pearl Harbor.  They had no 6 months of supeririority, unless you talking their chasing down of the vastly  outnumbered and light ABDA forces and then the Indian Ocean Raid.  The IJN NEVER won a carrier battle against the USN. And while the 1st Airfleet was "running wild" in the Indian Ocean, the USN carrier task forces were "running wild" in the Pacific with numerous carriers raids against many Japanese bases and Islands , the before Coral Sea. All these raids are now "forgotten" in vanilla history about the Pacific WWII and even Tully and Co. don't quite give them the acknowledgement they should or that USn carriers forces had their "act" together. At best both sides were mildly confused , the first  time they met at Coral Sea , however the second time they met it was "game over" . And have my own "theory" how the Japanese were suckered into the Midway Raid, and I now kick myself in the butt for not footnoting the source  I found, that proves it.


Also it was the USN carrier "task forces' and tactics of single or two carriers composing them , beating the combined fleet airfleet carrier task force decisively at  Midway.  The IJN tactics of using "half airwings" tied up their carrier decks with the other "half". US task forces sent heavier punches of full carrier wings.  


Also as to training and "skill" there was no real difference between IJN and USN forces even at the start of the war. US carrier forces had been training hard the preceding year as well. The USN had just as developed carrier tactics as the IJN , it is just so many are blinded by Pearl Harbor  and all the USN raids in the proceeding 4 months not mentioned.  People 'think" the IJN had "6 months" from Yamamoto's assertion , when in reality they did 2 "raids" in 5 months. The USN did the same with the Marshall and Gilberts raids and then the Doolittle raid". Maybe I'll give the IJN 3 months between Pearl Harbor and February when it was demonstrated they could not defend their island perimeter of the Japanese Co-Prosperity(poverty) Sphere by the Gilberts Raids.


The info on IJN carrier plane tactics in your video was quite nice though in the first 3 quarters and I salute the work you did on that. Really good.

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