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Harekaze Startup Setup

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Yes...it's one of those "just bought the Harekaze" threads.  I've read through various threads and watched the vids...and tried to generate the best build "out of the box" for a 10 pt Captain.  Still, I have some questions, since not everyone seems to be in agreement:

1. Guns: Is it correct to assume the 11-12 hull is best for a Captain without IFHE?  Is the 4-10 Hull (and guns) workable without it?  I am unfamiliar with the utility of the 100's. 

2. Smoke or Torps?  I initially set it up with the reload since I reasoned that the guns (in their current 10pt captain state) didn't seem that powerful to be a smoke shooter.  Yet, I see many who prefer the smoke option.  Is this opinion based on a more advanced build?

3. Since I didn't employ the smoke option, I chose the steering mod instead of the acceleration mod.  Is there any reason to use it without smoke?


I've been leveling up various DD lines (USN, KM, RU) and purchased the Gallant and Sims.  The appeal of Gallant's concealment rating lured me to try the Harekaze.  Most of my experience is in the KM line as I just unlocked the Z-23.  Regardless, I took out the Harekaze on it's maiden voyage last night and held my own...and enjoyed the play style.  So...this may be a keeper for me and I'd like to get a game plan on how to equip/employ her for the long haul.  Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated.

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I use my Harekaze as a hybrid between a Kagero and an Akizuki, so it's the 4-10 hull (100mm) and with a 17 point captain from the Akizuki (PM, LS, TAE, DE, CE, and IFHE. I'll probably swap out TAE for MAA when i get 18 points.). You probably won't want to use the 4-10 hull unless you have a 14 point captain for the Akizuki, since the 100mm guns really struggle to damage anything thicker than paper, and high tier DDs can bow tank you. You could make a 10-point IFHE build,but the concealment suffers, and IJN DDs really want all the stealth it can get.

For a 10 point captain I'd recommend either the USN hull or the 1-4 hull, but the USN hull really doesn't have enough alpha or DPM, you won't win against any DD in a straight up fight. The 1-4 hull, while having basically Shinonome AA levels, atleast gets you a decent 6 shell alpha. Overall both USN and 1-4 hulls are pretty mediocre at best, neither will get you the kind of close range DPM that the 100mm will.


For a 10-point non-100mm ship I'd recommend 

Priority Target or Preventative Maintenance (I usually take PM since I don't value PT, most times if you're detected people are shooting at you anyways, and I've gotten used to not having it)

Last Stand

Torpedo Armaments Expertise

Concealment Expert

If you want to get fancy you can add Adrenaline Rush, Demo-Expert, or anything of your choosing, but I'd recommend saving up 4 points for a IFHE and swap to 4-10 hull asap.


I like to use the new Torpedo Reload Booster on my Kagero, but I keep the smoke on my Harekaze exactly since I have the 100mm guns which let you gun duel more. Also, remember that your torpedoes on the Harekaze are 5 knots slower, they're basically the tier 7 62 knot 610mm torpedoes instead of Kagero's 67 knot variant, so it is slightly easier to evade. There's alot of arguement over steering or propulsion for DDs, honestly both don't have the biggest impact on your ship(unless you're sailing a Khaba or something) so it's really up to whatever you prefer more. I take Acceleration since your steering is plenty good enough, and IJN DDs are pretty slow, so I find propulsion to be more useful to get to speed faster.


TL;DR I'd recommend the stated above captain skills and grinding out 4 more points to play a Hybrid IJN DD that's quite unique, until then you're going to be stuck with either an inferior Kagero or a pretty handicapped Benson. As is, I'd go with a USN (11-12) hull with TRB and try spamming torps. Hope it helps.

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If you don't have Akizuki, you probably don't want a capt spec'ed for that very fickle ship.  

I hear good things about the USN guns.  Probably easier on a 10pt build. PT, LS, SE/TAE, CE. 


Akizuki guns are great, but you are missing one set of them.  And Harekaze is more a torp boat... 

PT, LS, TAE, CE, IFHE 14 pts.  

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with only 10 pts, you don't really have the option to go "out of the box"

T1 piority target / preventive maintance

T2 last stand

T3 (you have a bit more option here) SI / SE / Torp reload are all good choice

T4 Concealment


if you use hull 4-10, you need 13/14 pts for DE / IFHE (you either start fire or you do alpha damage, there is almost no other way)

hull 11-12, I haven't try it even I play this ships 100+ battle cos I feel so undergun. I'd rather use original IJN guns instead (maybe I'm the only one think this way)


upgrade wise, I too pick rudder mod. cos 4 sec is too long for my taste...but I do miss accerlation..... I hope some day this ship can have rudder like a fully upgrade Kagero at 2.7 sec...


and last Smoke / TRB. both way works really, I pick smoke cos I use my guns quite often, smoke is good for retreat, shorten the 20s expose time / bait out those [edited] radar in early game so they don't have it in the late game

TRB, some ppl can stack flooding with good torp hit...I don't think I am that good yet with only average 10% torp hit. those Type 90 are very easy to dodge cos they are kinda slow for IJN torp but with huge detection. 

but again, many ppl like to launch extra set of torp in a short time and surprise enemy.


imo this ship defines the meaning of jack of all trade, master of none. She gives you a lot of option, and every option can works relatively good, but none is great. maybe you want to save up some more dobloon and try out different builds until you find one that fit your play style.

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