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Free look mode unstable

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Since the patch of Yamamoto Campaign, the free look mode crashes like this: it cannot hold steady though I'm keeping the RMB pressed down!


The situation is like when you hold RMB and look surroundings, the view frequently jumps out of free look mode (and back to the original view according to your setting), and the guns are not locked all the time. This makes the game experience really annoying because I can't even check my surroundings due to the jumping view.


I'm using the default control settings and no other key assignment to RMB. I have checked all the configuration and used the update/reinstall methods, nothing worked.

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I've experienced the same with the free look mode.

I'm suspecting an over used RMB but I haven't gotten around to buying a new mouse to test that thesis.

It is very annoying though I'll grant you.

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