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EU Cluster: what needs to be done.

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So, Allow me to preface this: I'm a European who plays on the NA Server. This is more why I'm saying this here instead of over there. Though I know that what is said here still has an effect on Wargaming as a whole, and if we create enough of a buzz here, it'll reach far enough.


Now then, with that out the way, let's get into the meat of this....I believe the EU cluster has a major issue going on right now, with something going wrong within it's management. We have three big issues in this last year that need to be addressed.


Let's start in last December with the Christmas Convoys, every server could take part in this big experiment as to whether you could enjoy the game and earn benefits like the Graf Spee or just buy your way up there. Here in the NA server, we got this, we enjoyed it, and a lot of people have nice shiny ships from this do we not? the EU server didn't. 'The structure of the campaign combined with its time limitation did not, in our opinion, provided anyone except top payers, the option to get the items without major time commitment. This is not something we wanted nor felt right to ask of our players in the holiday period, when a big part of our loyal player base does not want to struggle between the game and family needs' ( http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/69278-where-are-the-christmas-convoy-missions/page__st__1480__pid__1527595#entry1527595 ) This statement was given by Ph3lan of their community managers (remember the name?) and was later addressed and reversed and addressed ( https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/graf-spee-convoy/ ) with everyone outside the area benefiting.


Moving on we have the now infamous Fochgate back in May. Now, whilst I will not defend Foch's words I will defend his opinion on the tank and indeed Wargaming's current arms race of armour and the P2W nature of the tank, the Chrysler GF but that's not for this matter. Once more, we have Ph3lan getting involved and quite rightly removing him from the CC program.....but then threatening to go through youtube to take the video down, with an extended threat that it would affect his livelihood as he wouldn't be able to monitise any videos of the game after that

 This escalated to the point where Wargaming NA and Wargaming EU both shared differing opinions, with one going to media and outright lying about what Foch said, not to mention that it was the point where a lot of the EU CC community debated leaving the program, including Jingles. This was, again, countered by a statement from above ( https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sirfoch-incident/ )


And now we have the Graf Zepplin, the carrier everyone is talking about for the wrong reasons. a ship released before it was finished and voicing his opinion in a video involving foul language and calling for refunds saw iChase removed from the CC program, with the community in general being up in arms over an obviously half baked idea. and then we have Kandly doubling down and saying it's fine and ready for release ( https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/85549-graf-zeppelin-is-an-insult-to-paying-customers/?page=10 ) and that it would take players time to learn how to play it in order for it to be good. (in other words, Git gud son) and then we have the King of the Sea for Carriers in the EU, farazelleth, giving an impromptu review on the ship slamming it as an incomplete mess


as a side note, look at what Kandly said. They have openly said it's not finished as it's going to be having a Torpedo bomber squadron once they finish the Deep Dive Torpedos.....

This mess is countered AGAIN by up above ( https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/Graf-Zeppelin-Situation-Update/ ) this is 3 in the space of what....we're in August so about 9 months. that's 1 issue requiring upper management to get involved and intervene FOR THE PLAYER a quarter this year so far. What's next? are we going to see something happen in the next three months again? We shouldn't have to worry so [edited] much about what Wargaming are doing because of the EU Cluster, and I'm saying this as a Brit, I should be over there partaking in this mess, but no, I chose the NA servers as my home.


So, this is the point where I leave the floor open. What needs to happen, what needs to be done to fix this mess. I am not an advocate for people losing jobs, but in this case, there is something toxic in Wargaming EU's staff. it needs to be found and dealt with before the rest of whatever respect people have for wargaming is left is gone for good....

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Major mistake not participating in the Christmas Convoy thing.

Who are WOW management to decide how their customer base spend their time?  Let the customer have the choice.

You'd think they would want to increase game participation at a time when people often actually have the time to play the game.

If it hadn't been for the Christmas missions I would never have played the RN or Ruskie CL.  Now I play the RN CL more than any other cruiser line.

They missed out on a huge opportunity to generate revenue by increasing interest and game participation.

An unbelievably bad decision.

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I did not do the Xmas convoys missions, I think for the reason it was just too much time & it was Xmas. Of course, the top players got a 'freebie' reward.

As to 'Fochgate' - I had no clue about this until your basic explanation above. So there's a 'Chrysler GF' in WoT now? OP? How does this armour creep not surprise me? I gave up on WoT some time ago because WG killed that golden goose with their, imho, stupid management decisions; 1) the still (I'm sure) atrocious map fiasco(es) & 2) the ruining of artillery & 3) the RU bias towards Hvies & Meds. WoT has to go back to it's roots.

As to the Graf Zeppelin Release - well, I bought one (only the one battle with it so far). I applaud WG's decision to 'rework' it and to re-institute iChase to their CC group. I don't approve of foul language, however, WG needs a thicker skin. The 'criticizers' are often the most passionate fans of WG products and the 'Moderators' ought to be very sparing of handing out penalties, far more sparing than they have been so far, imho.

 As to what needs to happen to WG management - well, it is my humble opinion that if no heads will roll, there needs to be a complete 'rethink' of what WG is doing to their main products. For example, what ever happened to Italy in WoT? Will we ever see Italy in WoWS? For example, what WG did to Artillery in WoT.  For example, the necessity in WoT to return all the removed maps & to expand their tier availability? For example, why did WoWS restrict Ocean? Imho, a stupid decision. WoWP? I started it, saw how it was dominated by Seal Clubbers even in it's early days so 'bye bye WPs'. 

WG management, imho, heeds to return to their 'original vision' which means listening to their Developers more & their Financial Administrators less.

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German Q&A said Italian tree at the end of 2018. To me that means 2019. 


New XCom expansion out on Tuesday and hopefully star citizen alpha 3.0 after that to keep me occupied. 

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