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How should I spend the last three points for my Duca d'Aosta captain?

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I'm not needing opinions on the ship just how to best go around spending the last three points for my captain. :Smile-_tongue:


I will probably reset during one of the discount weeks. However this is what I have now. I'm rather unsure of how to spend my last three points.


  • Incoming Fire Alert(I know, I know)
  • Expert Marksmen + Adrenaline Rush
  • Demolition Expert
  • IFHE + Concealment Expert


My three main thoughts for the unspent points.


  • Priority target and Torpedo Acceleration.

  • BFT and switch out aim mod for aa due to seeing more carriers.

  • BoS and DCP Mod1 due to all the fires and British sneakyfiahbotes soon.


Thank you for your help!




WG fix the artwork.


ça costa lon ça costa! Viva l'Aosta!



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Survivability Expert- More health to keep you alive longer, I found to be best.

It's AA and secondaries blow, don't put points in it as it is a waste, just use your DF to break up air attacks on you.

 My Build so far- (Incoming Fire Alert, Expert Marksmen, Adrenaline Rush, Survivability Expert, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert)- Works great



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This is what I am running now.  I personally would not take torp acceleration, I find that I am able to score on battleships while stealthed with the current torps.  Does it take forever for them to get there?  Sure, but no BB captain ever expects a cruiser to stealth torp them, especially at T6.  I'm probably going to drop my last 3 points into BFT.  CVs seem to like coming at me, so giving my AA a little more punch would be nice.


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