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i like flags

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Wish we could mount more than 1 just for cosmetic reasons, ,MMC is mounted on every ship I play. Obviously I made a purchase that month totally unaware the flag came with it. Mm noice let's get that out on to a tray...

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On 8/27/2017 at 8:15 AM, Kapitan_Wuff said:


Oh ok, I thought it was exclusive to those who were Corgis. Didn't realize they had passed them out under other circumstances as well.  Thanks for the info. I haven't managed to sink a Corgi (despite a concentrated effort I never got them on the enemy team, only my own).


When Niko used to hold art contests or really any contest, I think you would get it for winning.  I'm missing a lot of the free flags from the like 3-6 month periods I wasn't playing.  I think there was a flag for setting like 15 fires or something at some point and I missed that.  I also don't have any flags from any premium ships because I haven't bought any.(feel free to buy me a premium hint hint).


I agree though, outside of the MMC flag, the only flag I would fly is the Corgi Flag.

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