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Shore Bombardment Operation Idea

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I thought of this idea as I was reading another thread about another idea for Operations.  I also wrote the same thing on that thread but I think it's a really good idea so I started it's own thread.

The original thread started by AtlanticRim: 



My idea for a future operation going off the theme of naval shore bombardment.  Perhaps more like Operation Overlord and D-Day.  You could also do something like the bombardment of Okinawa or Iwo Jima.  The map would have to be structured differently but basically you would have objectives like firing on troops, motorcades, convoys, artillery, cities.  Basically doing anything that would support the men on the ground.  There would be like a meter that would measure the progress of the ground battle, the main objective being to ultimately gain ground or overcome an enemy base.  It all doesn't have to be on screen.  I don't think there would be any way to show soldiers and ground armor fighting.  Just the targets for the players.  About half way in the battle, enemy ships would approach the allied ships forcing you to fight off the enemies while still trying to support the ground forces.  Stop the shore bombardment for too long and the allied ground forces lose ground.


An alternative way to set up this operation would have the player and team fighting enemy ships, while AI battleships bombard shore installations like the ones mentioned above.  (I began to realize that shore bombardment from the player's view might get boring after a while.  The player would have to defend the AI ships for a certain amount of time, keeping enemy naval fire off them.  Secondary objectives would be things like "Don't lose more than X amount AI of ships" and "Destroy at least X amount of enemy ships".  The player would also get a chance at providing shore bombardment at some point in the game just for variety.


I'm probably missing something, I just thought of this with no foresight or overthinking so criticisms, questions, and ideas are welcome.

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Its a great idea.


perhaps there could be varying objectives that would show up from time to time. a land based battery/fortification/tank units that, if left alive, starts hitting land forces hard, and increase the usefulness of large ships.


and perhaps other ships would appear, and if left alone, begin shelling allied land targets, hence increasing usefulness of destroyer captains. Destroyer captains would be useful for the escort/initial shore bombardment, and the larger warships would be more for point defence, or perhaps increasing friendly momentum.


even carriers and AA-defensive warships would find use in defending nearby land/sea forces from airforce assaults as well.


i like the idea of kind of a 'large force bar' or type indicator, where successful allied actions add progress, and successful enemy operations, decrease progress. I'm sure it could be balanced fairly expediently to suit a variety of players. =)

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I think that a proper opposed landing scenario against heavy shore defenses would be cool. Killer Whale is mostly a raid against relatively light shore defenses, and then you run away from reinforcements. Having to fight against multiple 8", 14" and 16" shore batteries, like would be encountered on an island like Oahu, or the Panama Canal Zone, could be a really interesting scenario, for all that it would require a higher tier.

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