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Okay, this started by wondering why the Ranked format sits around unused during off seasons. Then it combined with a complaint by a clan mate who is frustrated by no end game content and is playing less and less. And lastly it was from a TS conversation last night about the inability to trade things in this games economy. So here goes! 


1) Wargaming opens the ranked feature for TEAMS only 

2) teams would have the option of picking their tier 1-10 but only teams of the same tier compete against each other 

3) they also ante up a bid. 10gold each, 100k credits or 1000 free XP 

4) at the end of the match the members of the winning team get their Ante back, the three top players on the winning team split the losing teams loot. 50 percent to number 1, 30 percent to number 2 and 20 percent to number 3 


For those more willing to risk I'd put in two options to up the ante, one that doubles it and on that makes it 10x

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First, you never say how big the teams will be.  We have teams now, what's the difference?  Are you talking about you must enter the queue as a full team?

Second, by having a range of T1 to T10 you would have the potential for a lot of teams to go into queue with little to no chance of finding a match in a reasonable time period.  Do you allow premium ships to play?

Third, if you are truly playing as a team then the rewards should be split evenly.  You win as a team, you lose as a team.

This sounds like it could be very similar to stronghold battles in WOT.  They are a lot of fun, you should go try that or at least look it over.

This should really be a CLAN battle only, at least 7 v 7 with the ability to pick up a maximum of 2 players not in the clan.

It's time to get the Clans released to 100 members and get some action for them, this would be a good start while waiting for clan wars.

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