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Algérie — French Tier VII cruiser.

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The French Navy Cruiser



Quick Summary: At last, a light at the end of a long dark tunnel (t6 grind). Algerie perform very nice at mid of long range-medium range (quite ok when fire from 12-14km with the current dispersion), not to be mistake from it max range stock 16.3km, second upgrade 17.9km.   

Disclaimer: It is most welcome if anyone had successfully play the ship different from how i play to contribute to the discussion to make it better playing experiences for everyone else here. Keep to topic, constructive post please.


Cost:  5 600 000 credits, 70000 ship experiences to research


  • Excellent torpedoes with 60 knots speed and 9 km range, with generous firing angles.
  • She is fast when used the speed boost
  • Very nice fire range to keep out of trouble
  • AP shells are good


  • Armor protection even though was claimed in the Wikipedia = good, still very weak
  • Reload rate is bad 12 secs
  • Easily citadels



Congratulation to reach this far, and that you had mastered ALL the required skills from lower tier. Mini map, WASD hack, situational awareness, French’ ships advantages and disadvantages; should learnt by heart by now. If you think you still lacking, please hold your horse and get back to lower tier for more practices. At tier7, you are consider semi-professional, you should “known the game”; you should be expected to play against tier9 ships/players where they are better game play. You should be expected wins/loses games are on par. You are expected to be part of a team and contribute toward a win or at least die trying. You are expected that others on the team expected you can carry them when it comes down to the right moment (there are one game where I have to run and use speed boost to win as we have 2 ships left and was leading in points). You are expected that you will get citadels and devastated strike by other players (bad days vs good days, bad players vs good players).

The Algerie main batteries felt on par with it tier, HE shells with high chances of create fires. So early game start, assess the game, if needed, stay hidden until you see a couple of red ships, used everything you can to spot. Your job is to set as many fires on as many ships as you can, then evaded the fleet, hidden, run away with health and repeat. This will give you a healthy damage, still survive to mid game and able to set enemies on fires again after they used their repair consumable.

You can if possible, area denial dd/cruisers but try not to engage too deep and die within first 5-8 mins in the game. Don’t let it over take you. At this tier, you are now able to know to disengage to survive, or aggressively shooting then disengaged. Don’t forget, there are 20 sec cool down that your ship will then invisible (if you have camo + capt skill + upgrade) after fire (detectability = max gun fire range) + speed boost (to help with re-positioning). The Algérie full concealment build + camo will get down to 11.8km. She not a pick-ka-po ship, the idea of hiding behind island and rain HE shells is not survival with the current armor protection; she is much better at moving, constantly re assessing the map, the position, stalking red ships and fire at the right moment. She will get deleted in 3 salvos if stationary or pick the nose out from the island. It because simply high tier player can shoot and damage you even with your nose poke out. Yeah right, don’t even thinking of trying to test it.  


Primary Armament

The Algérie is armed with 4x2 203 mm in a turret gun layout and was arrange nicely in proportion of it length. The AB-XY layout meaning that for fully used, you need to turn at least 67 degree. The dispersion of 145m and ranged at 16.3km stock; 17.9km after upgraded will be her greatest arsenal. Here come the split that you need to make. If you like the “Ninja” way, capt skill Adrenaline Rush + concealment build. Fire on many ships and go silence, stalking their movement and fire again. A “Gun-Ho” build, Expert Markman and with Steering Gear upgrade- you will constantly WASD hacking therefore you need your turrets to turn as fast as possible. Dd player will hate you if you keep up your WASD, this making them to lunch their torps very hard. When you engage in gun fight, twist and turn to angle yourself.

HE shells to get fire on BB (HE chance of fire is nicely settled at 15%, with Demolition Expert capt skill 17%, with flags 19%), then AP aiming at the superstructure and/or slightly above the main belt. AP any other cruisers at close range (<14km) to get maximum damage (citadel hits), HE/AP situational on dd (don’t forget your torps to force enemy into your line of sight or denny them to torp you).

The flaws of these gun are the reload time, and the floating time of the shell when shooting at range (normally expected on French cruisers). Capt skill Adrenline Rush to mitigate the reload rate and used your common sense with the current situation the ship at.

It is very satisfied experiences playing the Algérie.



Secondary Armament

The Algérie has the x2 triple torpedo mounted – 1 on each side to the 1/2 of the ship length. These provided “somewhat” alright fire torp arc, roughly better when she slightly turn.

When combined with her guns she will be a good contestant for “area denial” and “supporting” -- being more than capable of fence off (you have acoustic and fighter plane, used them) any enemy Destroyer she may encounter and taking a sizeable chunk out of the HP of any cruiser. 

Her AA at this tier is not OP, to me, her AA is just OK; the fighter plane on board to disrupt the dive bomb squadron and use the WASD hack to avoid the torp squadron. 

Let look in detail of her aa:

  • 37 mm/50 Mle 19334 х 2 pcs.
  • Average Damage per Second 9.2 
  • Firing Range 3 km.
  • 13.2 mm/76 CAQ Mle 19294 х 4 pcs.
  • Average Damage per Second 20 
  • Firing Range 1.2 km.
  • 13.2 mm/76 Mle 19294 х 1 pcs.
  • Average Damage per Second 10 
  • Firing Range 1.2 km.
  • 100 mm/45 Mle 19316 х 2 pcs.
  • Average Damage per Second 40.8 
  • Firing Range 5.01 km.

All these for AA rating of 41. So the Algérie AA defensive bubble start out at 5km, the closer the planes get the more damage they will take + RNG + WoW Server Calculation. But at T7, you should have not had any planes to have the opportunity to torp/dive bomb you. You should be traveling with the others and combining their AA. If the least situation that you are caught by sailing alone, then please be a proactive player by making the CV player harder to manual drops on you. You should be able to panic the incoming wave by using your fighter, and throw off the aiming by slow down/speed up – used your speed boost/wiggle.



The top speed is at 31.0 knots, THIS WILL GET YOU WITHIN TRAVEL RATE WITH BB OR go ¾ speed OF USN BB (THEY ARE SLOW). Her turning radius is 660 m and the rudder shift is 13.4sec, so when travelling with the fleet, keep an eye of 4 -5km distant away from bb and about 3km from any cruiser. This allow the Algérie to within range of her aa, and yet able to dodge torp and still within formation of the bb/fleet.

At mid-game, depend on the situation, you can break off and start your mop-up duties, you can choose to continue to harass bb and burning them, create an opportunity for your team bb to AP, you can hunt damaged cruiser/s with your range and dd with your acoustic. With her speed boost you can be very versatile in using them.  

I also like to mention speed flag with rudder shift, will boost her speed to 32.6 knot, with 7.6sec rudder shift time, it is enough to dance


Durability and Defense

Do not ever get cocky in the French cruiser, she had no armor (yes iam dead serious), a New Orlean can citadel if AP shell hit your aft. Never sail in straight line, but wiggle your ship and do not repeat your wiggling because good player can accurately judge your pattern and hit you for good. Oh trust me, at high tier, player are now very good at aiming. You should be able to calculate bb shooting time and judging to dodge their shells.

The Algérie health pool 35600, but with paper thin armor, you not going to last long. There is no point playing game when you die early in the game and not contribute to the team. It rather you survive, badly damage but raining HE and burning ships left right center for your allies to AP. There is no point in rushing in cap point, maybe taking out the dd in there – dd is not worth trade-off for the Algérie, even though her torp protection is 18%.

Learn your ship details, and used them. Used all those skills that you obtained from grinding at the Friant and up and you will see.


How to Kill It

Keep the Algérie spotted or focus fire her. Predict the unexpected pattern and enjoy the game. I find that while playing her, the only time I got carry away is due to being cross torps, and was focus fire. So if I turn to dodge torp, I have to make a decision to eat the least torp damage but showing my broadside and man, it is ugly that my Algérie turned into a submarine. So I learned from the experiences, never again get cocky and yolo out. Communicate with the team and always, always check the map and access the situation.


Overall Impressions

Algérie is very solid, she can continuously set ships on fire. You need to be unpredictable and stealthy, re positioning yourself and pick yours time. Find your own rhythm and play style. She can fend off dd (plane + hydro acoustic), frustrated them with her speed and area denial capacity. She can keep distant and HE spam with the help of capt skills and flags to deal high damage over time. She can also citadels when the right time.

While playing at stock and less health pool maybe some difficult time at first, but a fully upgraded Algérie is very playable



Recommended Modules:

  • Your first slot is easy: Main Armaments Modification 1 is the only one that makes sense (it help with the torp tubes too).
  • For your second slot: Aiming Systems Modification 1 This will improve your ship's accuracy
  • For your third slot: Steering Gear Modification 1 was recommended and properly your best choices.
  • 4th slot: Steering Gear Modification 2


Recommended Consumables:

The Algérie can be equip a premium Damage Control Party. You will get modules incapacitated message (hint hint steering and rudder) very, very often in this ship; however with the capt skills not really need premium. Personally I don’t use premium repair party because I don’t get hit that often.

Recommended Captain Skills:

  • For tier one: Preventative Maintenance should be one of the first skills you grab (hint from the Recommended Consumables above – enough said).
  • For tier two: I find that my playing style is better suited to Adrenaline Rush over Last Stand. You're going to need this for Alpha strike and output as much dps as possible and if you master the WASD hack where you don't lose your steering gears.
  • For tier three: Demolition Expert is probably your best choice. Low tier increasing the fire chance of your HE shells from 15% to 17%. 
  • For tier four: Concealment Expert is the best option. 

Recommended Flags:

  • Indian  X-Ray and Victor Lima to increase your fire chances
  • Juliet Whiskey Unaone to increase your torp flooding chances
  • Juliet Charlie to mitigate detonation
  • Sierra Mike for 5% speed boost
  • Any other XP flags to your liking

Recommended Camouflage:

I like it with anything that at least have -3% to detection, +4% to enemy dispersion when shooting at you + any other extra bonus

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Algerie is a good gun ship, provided that you learnt the French cruiser play style from the mid-tiers, this one reminds you to elaborate on it due to it low armor and number of guns compared to other 203mm armed cruisers combine with it's engine boost.

problem for me is she's just so slow after getting use to enjoying the Henri IV, I feel like Im driving a Prius after I've switched out of a Bugatti Veyron lol /^.\\ 

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It's like a French Myoko, you just spam high caliber HE all the time for witherers every game.

  • Cool 1

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I found another discussion for how to play the Algèrie.



Hi there.


To be honest I don't really care for the Algèrie much -- it's not that it's a bad cruiser, but I found it distinctly mediocre.  That doesn't mean it is -- a lot of other people are crazy for it.  I just didn't think too much of it.

The French cruisers are fragile, fast, but not too terribly maneuverable.  They're not in any way as poor as, say, the Russians or even the Germans, but their rudder shift is usually a little slower than IJN or American cruisers.  Their AA is... well, it's mostly okay.  Better than the Japanese cruisers, for sure.  The torpedoes are useful enough, although you usually don't get very many -- they're not really for massive area denial or huge alpha strikes like the Japanese cruisers, but they have enough range (and barely enough speed, mostly) to be worthwhile.  Much more so than the Germans, who only get a 6km range on their torps.

For the guns?  Well, for me they range from terrible to tolerable, although I liked the Charles Martel.  Mostly the lower tier stuff seem to have very draggy shells -- they slow down a lot in flight.  The Algèrie seems similar, and I found its guns kind of... uninspired.  You only get eight, the reload is not particularly quick, the fire chance is meh (and I seem to have terrible luck setting fires with French cruisers), and the AP doesn't seem to have wonderful penetration (and doesn't get the enhanced ricochet or autobounce angles the American cruisers get, which is one of the reasons why their AP is so deadly).  So the Algèrie has a bit of a DPM problem -- it doesn't really put out as much fire as the other tier 7 cruisers, except for possibly the Yorck, but the Yorck isn't a very good example to follow since it's awful.

Also, without speed boost active, the Algèrie is slow -- the slowest tier 7 cruiser by at least a knot or two.  There are battleships at these tiers that can run down an Algèrie if it doesn't have speed boost ready, so it can be tough to extricate yourself if you get too far forward.  And that's the trick of the French cruisers, I think -- they don't like brawling much.  The Algèrie certainly doesn't seem to -- it doesn't have the rudder shift, the escape speed, the huge number of torpedoes, the armor, or the DPM on its guns to really be a good brawler.  it's not bad at range though, and that's what I hear from others who like it -- they find it quite good at setting fires at range.  So that's probably your best bet -- hang back, hit things with HE, use the AP on cruisers who give their sides or if you can get reliable, accurate side shots into the casemates of battleships (and already have them on fire), that sort of thing.  I don't think the Algèrie likes being alone.  Not like, say, an Atago, which has great speed, a large amount of torpedoes, and can set anything on fire three times with one HE salvo, and has a repair to boot.

For equipment, I use Main Armaments Modification 1 (have to keep those guns and torpedoes in action, and the secondaries and AA aren't so impressive that concentrating on them is a good idea), Aiming Systems Modification 1 (with only eight guns and low DPM, accuracy is important, plus I find that the French ships seem to have poor vertical dispersion, but that's strictly anecdotal), Damage Control Modification 1 (fewer fires, although Steering Gears Modification 1 would be fine too -- most anything you put in that equipment slot doesn't do much anyway, so pick what you like), and Steering Gears Modification 2 (quicker turns, fewer hits on your vital bits, or so one would hope).

Captain skills for the Algèrie go about like this: on the first pass through the tree, get Priority Target; any one of Expert Marksman (not strictly necessary, but I find myself doing a LOT of panic turns in the Algèrie, so faster turrets are always better),  Adrenalin Rush (probably the most useful for the Algèrie, if I'm honest) or Last Stand; Demolition Expert (or possibly Superintendent or Vigilance -- I like Demo Expert because it give those eight HE shells a better chance of causing fires and when you only get eight chances per reload, that's important), and Concealment Expert (so you can drop off detection if things get too hot).  Going back through on your way to 19 points, I'd get either RPF (depends on whether you like it or not) or Advanced Firing Training (there are a lot of very nasty premium tier 7 carriers out and about these days -- don't get Manual AA, the Algèrie's dual-purpose AA guns aren't worth the effort) for your second 4-point skill, then I'd pick up one of either Superintendent or Vigilance -- Superintendent is probably a little more useful, but I like Vigilance because torpedoes make me paranoid -- and one of the three 2-point skills I mentioned before, whichever you didn't pick the first time.

And that's pretty much how I run my Algèrie.  Hope that's useful to you.




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She plays a bit like a child of a RU DD mated with a  heavy cruiser. Lots of good and a fun ship.597fc69d479ca_algreconfed.thumb.jpg.7d34e76efaf51129d51a1586b53434f6.jpg597fc743b65af_algrearson2.thumb.jpg.3a4364dd2b99240571589c9e449474c9.jpg

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I like the review. Of note is that you had a citadel hit in most of these battles. You clearly used the AP better than I did. :cap_like:

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my current grind including stock ship   not bad at all.  my strongest t7 cruiser.


Algérie 7 CA/CL France  30  63.33%  63,326  1,251  2.8  1.2  0.6  57%  30%  5 %  1,482
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Revisit the girl for the mission


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