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Tactics for ranked battles?

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So I have a question about ranked. Now, really I have to ask, because I feel like I'm missing something. 

So, playing ranked every couple of battles I get a cruiser on my team that goes off goldfish hunting. By that I mean they take off at flank speed for the edge of MAP and turn in circles or something. Is this some tactic to preserve their ships HP until they can finish off damaged ships? Are they just bot type morons or what? 


Mostly I've been seeing DD drivers doing their best, most get in lay smoke, ambush  and other dastardly things. point is most DDs I see are trying. 

Battleships are half and half, some want nothing more that to hear their guns go off, and that's about all they do. others seem to really want to smack something in the face with their secondaries, and then dry hump the wreck, needless to say I like having the tanking bb drivers on the team.


But then it's cruisers. Now to be fair I love playing a cruiser, but it seems like 70% or so of cruiser drivers in ranked just wander about like they don't know what button makes the guns fire. some drive in circles and spam HE at empty ocean, some run to the back of the map and hide, some hide for first half of battle and then come out to finish off stragglers.


Is this some sort of tactic to preserve their ship and hope to decide the game in their favor? it dosent seem to work well. I've been in two ranked battles where out of nowhere a full health cruiser suddenly rejoins the battle and manages to get one of the last two kills after doing nothing all game. 


Now I know there will always be the random AFK  jerks, and this is not that. these ships are moving, hiding and running away, only to sometimes rejoin fight near the end when the match is already decided.  


Apart from that I've seen some pretty great Destryoer players, and people don't seem to AFK destroyers. granted some just get sunk quick, but they are playing. 

I've also seen a few battleships do the same thing as the goldfish hunting cruisers, but with their much larger detection range they don't fair as well. so why do people try and hide for half the battle? 


Anyway I did not know if other people have noticed this as well. Maybe I'm just not seeing why a ship is moving where it is and being overly critical? Or is there some protactic I'm not aware of (likely) that calls for someone to preserve their ship for as long as possible? please enlighten me. 

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Depends entirely on the team make-up.

CV battles -- you have one strategy.

Heavy on the BB battles -- another strategy.

Four DDs on a side...   Whoa -- completely nasty kind of fight.  Hope you practiced tier 1 battles recently.

And what kind of ship you brings further determines how much fun you are going to have.

If you are the lone battleship, and the other team has 5 destroyers -- might as well sail for the furthest corner -- you'll tie up 2/3 of the enemy team looking for you.

Cruisers each bring a different personality, especially at tier 6.  Aoba has big guns and armor, Leander has smoke.  Cleveland is...  well...  a tier 8 cruiser.

The two Russian cruisers and one Italian need to keep their distance, but have good guns.  I'm sure that's what you are talking about with the long-range sniping.  It's what they are in design.  Brawling is for the likes of Cleveland, Aoba, and Nurnberg.

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there only seem to be two strategies.  Good sound team strategies that might actually lead to winning games...and either everyone acting on their own (loss) or everyone hiding as much as possible to avoid damage (loss), or actually having a good strategy, getting a cap ahead, and then attacking, not defending (loss).  So, all too often the 'strategy' chosen will inevitably lead to a loss, by design, and losing on purpose is VERY frustrating.  

I have come to the conclusion that the VAST majority of players simply have no clue about what a winning strategy even is.

I see the same in random, but at least it is random.  But you see most players in some sort of race around the edge, as if this were NASCAR, not WOWS, and just giving the other side all the caps.  HELLO!  The actual purpose of the game is to get and hold caps, people!!!

A big part of the problem seems to be the well intentioned, but definitely flawed, allowing the loser with the most points to not lose a star.  This encourages people to hang back, being the best loser, as opposed to actually winning.  Rewarding people for cowardice shouldn't be a thing....

I was in a game earlier where the 'coward' actually did get I think 3 kills, simply because he hung back and let the BBs soak up all the damage.  He was in a New Orleans, and the only radar in the game (on either side) and didn't even come close to getting anywhere he could use it...and having radar is the ONLY reason to play New Orleans, the other cruisers are better at everything else.  So, rewarded for sacrificing his teammates for his own gain.  WG...you need to take a serious look at this.


FWIW...the edge of map meta in random is the new 'island hiding'.

How to fix it?  Mandatory testosterone injection?  Identified all the cowards somehow, and making their ships yellow?  Making ships hanging back start to take insta damage unless the move up (like games which inject damage if you travel off the edge, or PUBG where the 'edge' shrinks?  

Whatever can be done to fix it is needed.  The current meta sucks.  Even why I try to hang back and wait, I still find myself more up front than the others.  I simply cannot play with the degree of cowardice they do.  And it wouldn't be enjoyable even if I did. Sailing around the edge hiding isn't World of WarShips...  it's more Gilligan's Island, off on a cruise.


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seems like you have no ability to pick up a cruiser that is trying hard, that's why you see them as doing nothing all match


a trying DD is easily spotted by being near the caps, a trying BB is also easily spotted his HP, a trying cruiser....to someone that has 0 clue about cruiser gameplay or wasnt paying enough attention, might be harder to distinguish from afk

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