Hi guys!    So I found this site not too long ago that allows users to edit gifs with images, text, speed, resolution, etc. I thought I'd share a few of the ones I have made with you all.    (Note: I did not make the original gif, I just added the text.)     For threads that just need to be nuked:   For those threads that have been rolling out the burns:   For the submarine threads:   For the whining threads:   When a post is too long and has no spacing or paragraphs:   For those accidental/teammate swerved into my torps threads:   For those threads that just have no need of your presence:   For the threads that leave you scratching your head:   For hard carriers:   For the enemy player whose torpedobeats are on point:   For the hype threads:     That's all for now, feel free to use them, or post your own!   Fair winds and following seas Captains!