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World of Warships Community Code of Conduct

Welcome to the World of Warships community!

By joining us on our official platforms, you're also joining an important mission. The mission is to keep the World of Warships community a fun and interesting place to be, where anyone is welcome if they are excellent to each other. A healthy community is built upon trust and respect, and by following this Code of Conduct you contribute to the best possible experience for you and your fellow captains. 

When someone violates this Code of Conduct or EULA, the World of Warships team is committed to moderating such content. This applies to all parts of the official World of Warships experience, including chat, forums, official Discord, YouTube, Twitch, direct messages, voice channels, and other platforms. The exact instruments and measures used may vary depending on a specific platform and a specific case, but the principles below apply universally and we hope they will serve you as clear guidance. World of Warships team reserves the right to moderate the content and the users on World of Warships platforms for any reason at our own discretion. Please use the following examples of what is prohibited to steer clear of conflicts and moderation:


  • Excessive profanity and inappropriate language;
    • This includes the cases where it is abbreviated or otherwise altered;
  • Religious, political, and other sensitive discussions not related to the game;
    • Such topics can quickly derail and lead to massive rules violations;
  • Discussing the moderation or abusing its system;
    • If you've had your content moderated and believe it was incorrect, please provide feedback in private;
    • Do not make false reports on the content that is not breaking the rules;
    • Do not create or use secondary accounts to bypass the moderation or the sanctions on your main account. These secondary accounts will be sanctioned, too;
    • Do not repost content that was hidden, moderated, or held for moderation;
  • Disrupting the conversations in the community;
    • That includes spam and heavy offtopic, which disrupts the way players communicate on a given platform or channel;
    • Specific to Forums, it includes excessive bumping, especially bumping the threads which are inactive for 6 months or longer;
    • Specific to Forums, it is not allowed to bump the threads in the clan recruiting section more than once in 24h;
    • Posting the content in a language other than the official language for a specific channel; We have specific subforums for other languages found here.
  • Posting sensational content;
    • This includes posting inflammatory content, titles, & thumbnails;
  • Posting exploits/hacks;
    • If you come across a bug, or a third-party tool that would otherwise impact gameplay, please report it using the appropriate channels;
    • Discussing the exploitation of game mechanics or encouraging the usage of mechanics outside of their intended design;
  • Personal attacks, disrespectful behavior;
    • This includes trying to cause an argument, making sarcastic, off-topic, rude, stat shaming or disruptive posts, and discussions. Don't bait, flame, or troll. Don't provoke staff members or other members of the community;
  • Posting links to “shady” sites;
    • Links to other sites should not be used to advertise content or discussions that would not be appropriate in official channels under this Code of Conduct;
  • Begging/soliciting;
    • Including, but is not limited to requesting users to transfer real money to the virtual wallet, asking for additional credits, and requesting to transfer in-game currency;
  • Advertising account sales or services related to the game like grinding, leveling or pay-for-play competitive;
  • Accounts sharing;
  • Bullying, which can include:
    • Personal defamation;
    • Gossiping about other people;
    • Harassment;
    • Stats shaming;
  • Pornographic, drug, or other taboo or explicit content;
  • Inciting other players to violate this Code of Conduct, the EULA, and other Wargaming policies;
  • Discrimination and hate speech;
    • That includes, but not limited to hate speech based on race, gender, nationality, religion, etc;
  • Distributing real-life personal information;
  • Posting real-life threats.


After evaluating the severity of the violation, a moderator or staff member will issue an appropriate sanction:

  • Written warning asking you to behave according to our Code of Conduct;
  • A short ban to forum account of up to 2 weeks;
  • A medium ban to forum account of 1-3 months;
  • A long ban to forum account of 6 months
  • A permanent ban on forum account.

Depending on a specific platform, context, and previous violations history, some of these stages may be skipped or, on the contrary, repeated several times before further escalation. For example, in the worst-case scenario, a clear and severe offense may result in a permanent ban outright, however, we do not come across such cases often. On the other hand, repeated lesser violations can result in a ban as well, but only if they accumulate, and the behavior is not changing despite several warnings and shorter-term bans. Please note that we also reserve the right to remove the players who violate the Code of Conduct from VIP groups, special programs or withdraw other benefits.

Our moderators and staff will always do due diligence to resolve the situation appropriately and start from a written warning or just a friendly reminder. Remember, the mission is to make the World of Warships Community amazing, and it's possible only with you being excellent to each other.  

While we would like everyone to participate in constructive, meaningful conversations, we understand that this is the internet, and that probably won’t happen all the time. Our staff and volunteer moderators are empowered to use their best judgment when moderating a post. If you feel your post has been moderated unjustly, please contact @Ahskance@Boggzy@Maredraco, or @Konception to discuss.


Be civil, have good, engaging, thoughtful conversations about World of Warships, and everything will be fine. 

Thank you!


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